Ukraine National ICT Resources

It was somewhat difficult to find one clearly defined ICT plan, however finding information on national ICT policies and programs, and ICTs in Ukraine in general, was fairly easy. Ukraine has prioritized the development of ICT and the transitioning to an information society, so it was easy to find sources, essentially all of which were available in English.

Government Resources

1) The State Agency for Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine (DKNII) is the government agency responsible for ICT policy. Their official website includes information on programs and legislature regarding many aspects of ICT such as e-Government, regulatory policies, and collaborative efforts with the EU, among many other helpful resources.

2) Strategy for Development of Information Society and Informatization 

From: The National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization, the national commission created specifically to implement state policies regarding information society development.

Non-Government Resources

3) The National ICT Sector and Policy Appraisal Report

From: The Strategic Cooperation in Ukraine, Belarus, and EU in Information and Communication Technologies (SCUBE-ICT)

Date: 2010

Language: English

4. Prospects of Information Society Development in the Ukraine in the European Integration Context

From: EU Working Papers

Date: 2007

Language: English

5. ICT Country Profile: Ukraine 

From: USAID Regional Competitiveness Initiative Project

Date: 2011

Language English


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