Spring 2013 Student Contributors & Introductions

Welcome to all students from the Spring 2013 IDEV 4100: ICT4D class!

Please post a comment to this post and introduce yourselves – this entry will serve as a record of this semester’s blog contributors and help us kick off the posts for this semester! Incude the following:

  • Your name, year in school, major(s)/minor(s)
  • Where you’re from and anything interesting/personal you’d like to share, such as international experience (travel/leisure or professional/academic).
  • What you expect from this class and/or your interest in or level of comfort with technology (it’s ok to NOT be a tech-savvy person)!
  • OPTIONAL: Link(s) to your Twitter account, LinkedIn page, or other professional/academic site/account/page that you would want to share with fellow students and the ICT4D community. Keep in mind all of this info is PUBLIC, so only share what you’re comfortable with.

Don’t forget to follow our class Twitter account: @TulaneICT4D


About jessports

PhD candidate at Tulane University, studying ICT4D, M4D, and applications of technology in disasters and humanitarian aid. Proud member of the American Red Cross for 14+ years, focusing on international humanitarian law, disaster services technology, young professional engagement, and disaster volunteer training. Nerdy New Orleans cosplayer, lover of all things sci-fi, including Star Trek & Doctor Who. View all posts by jessports

31 responses to “Spring 2013 Student Contributors & Introductions

  • fiftakesmaroc

    Hey everyone. My name is Ophir Haberer. I am a Junior majoring in Economics & IDEV. I just spent a semester abroad in Morocco and also worked with a non-profit there, Association Bouchra. I took a gap year after high school and lived in a social commune in Israel, working with children of refugees and immigrants. I taught in a sixth grade classroom and managed an after-care program. Here, in New Orleans, I started an urban gardening program for the university “The Hope Gardens Project” and have worked with many different non-profits in the community. I am pretty excited to learning more in-depth about how technology is shaping development. I suppose I’m pretty comfortable with technology myself.

    • kamyaraja

      Hi Everyone! My name is Kamya Raja and I’m from California’s Bay Area. I am a junior majoring in Public Health and International Development with a minor in Spanish. In fact, I just returned from a semester abroad in Granada, España, which was a fantastic experience. I also had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador this past summer to join a conference on youth development & civic participation for an organization called ‘Recrear,’ which I currently work for. In terms of ICT4D, I hope to learn about how technology can make the development process more efficient. I myself feel fairly confident with the use of technology but am excited to see what new tools we learn to use over the course of this semester.

    • clairedwyre

      and political science. I love to travel and just came back from South Africa. I wouldn’t call myself tech savvy but I also wouldn’t say I don’t know how to do basic things. I am excited to learn more about ICT4D and feel that its really important.

  • tanvers878

    Hi all! My name is Tanvi Shah. I am a senior majoring in French and International Development and minoring in Business. I was born in India, but have lived in New Orleans since I was 4. I spent my junior spring semester in Marseille, France, and through my program was able to spend a week living with a host family in Fez, Morocco. While I was in Europe, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to 9 other countries, and I met some really wonderful people in each place. I’m curious to learn how much ICT has been adopted in developing countries for development purposes. I’ve heard about radio campaigns in Rwanda to increase awareness about AIDS, so things like that would be interesting to hear. I’m alright with technology, although I do enjoy disconnecting completely when I’m at home or in India during breaks.

  • elladove

    Ella Dove, Junior, Economics and International Development
    I spent last semester abroad in Granada, Spain, and traveled to Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Morroco, and more.
    I am horrible with technology, but I am looking forward to learning a bit more about it and applying the knowledge to international development practice. I am also excited to figure out this whole blog world.

  • dbarnes4

    My name is Dylan Barnes, and I am a sophomore majoring in Latin American Studies and IDEV, minoring in Economics. I am originally from Prescott, Arizona. I am spending my junior year studying abroad in Cusco, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m pretty trial and error when it comes to technology, so I am excited to gain some knowledge on the subject and how it aids in the development process. I also have tweeted a total of one time and never posted a blog, so figuring out how these things work should be fun.

  • sydlicht

    Hello! My name is Sydney Licht and I am a sophomore majoring in International Development and Business Marketing. I am from Philadelphia, PA and have recently traveled to fun places such as Ghana and Israel. I currently manage the social media sites for a couple of Tulane student organizations, so I am relatively comfortable using the internet for communications, but acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn. I am excited to learn about the role of technology in the developing world while gaining experience in blogging and Twitter!

  • zswartz

    Hi Everyone, I’m Zoe Swartz and I’m a sophomore from Boston, Mass. I’m majoring in Environmental Studies and International Development and minoring in Spanish. I’m very involved in several environmental organizations on campus, especially The Hope Gardens Project and Green Club. This summer I’m most likely going to be working in the rainforest in Ecuador and then studying abroad either in Buenos Aires or Thailand next year. I don’t really know anything about communication technology so I think this class will be a good learning experience for me.

  • eturner1

    Hey! My name is Erin Turner and I’m a senior majoring in Political Economy and minoring in International Development. I’m from San Diego, CA and absolutely love traveling. I spent a semester abroad in London and traveled all throughout Europe. While traveling I was able to gain a first hand experience on how technological growth has largely been entwined with the notions of globalism. Although I’m not incredibly tech savvy, I am a quick learner and look forward to expanding my knowledge on how technology has shaped the developing world.

  • lgarcia32013

    Hey everybody! My name is Laura Garcia, and I am a Sophomore majoring in International Development and Latin American Studies. I am also possibly minoring in Portuguese. I was born in Miami, raised mostly in Chicago, and my parents have recently moved to Atlanta…so I guess that means ATL is my new home base. I guess something interesting about me that has heavily influenced my choice of majors is that I am of Latin American descent. I am 50% Cuban and 50% Venezuelan, and have dual citizenship here and in Venezuela, so I am particularly interested in development in Latin America. I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for my first semester of college, and plan to study abroad again next spring in Sao Paolo, Brazil. I expect to be extremely challenged by this class, and to spend a lot of time outside of class doing work for it. I am not particularly tech-savvy, but I think I know people who are worse. 😉
    I am excited to learn about this growing sector of development, and I hope to end the semester having gained a lot more skill and knowledge about ICT4D. All the best!

  • samcalvit

    Hey all, my name is Sam Calvit and I’m a Junior majoring in Spanish and International Development. I’m originally from Minneapolis but have dual Canadian citizenship and spent this past summer working for a small-scale NGO in rural Nicaragua. As far as this class goes, I’m coming in with very little knowledge of ICT4D and ambitions to correct this. I love technology but tend to be outspoken about my distaste for Twitter, so let’s give this a shot.

  • nsaqer

    Hey y’all! My name is Nadeen Saqer, and I’m a sophomore. I’m studying International Relations, International Development, and Spanish and minoring in Business. Although I am from Lake Charles, LA, my family is originally from Palestine, and it is a place that I feel personally connected to. In this class, I’d like to learn not only the ways that technology can affect development directly, but how it can interact in an indirect way through media. I am not the most tech-savvy person, but I hope that this class will spark an interest for me to learn more about it.

  • sarahswig

    Hey everyone. I’m Sarah Swig, a junior majoring in political science and IDEV, and minoring in Spanish. I’m from just south of San Francisco, CA. I spent last semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and like many in our class love to travel. I’ve been to South Africa and Botswana, Norway, France, Germany, and other surrounding European countries both this summer and a few years back. In Argentina, it was extremely interesting to see how technology was used — almost everyone was recently new to Facebook (or Face, as they call it) and Twitter, yet so many still used the radio as their main form of communication. I’m not particularly tech-savvy, so I’m looking forward to this class to learn more about the tech world (especially since I’m from Silicon Valley and everyone around me is super techy!). My twitter name is @swiggless.

  • emilyschnitt

    Emily Schnitt, Junior, Environmental Studies/International Development. I’m from Boston, MA and I just came back from Aix-en-Provence, France for a semester abroad. We traveled around Europe which was awesome.
    I don’t know too much about technology, only the basics, but I’m excited to learn more about how tech relates to development.

  • smolina1

    Hello everyone, my name is Sebastian Molina. I am a Sophomore majoring in Economics and International Development. I was born in Mexico but I have also lived in Guatemala, Panama and recently my family moved to Brazil. While in Panama I interned at UNICEF during the summer and I am very interested in the development of countries in Latin America. I am not particularly good with technology but Im not too bad either. I am excited to learn about how technology can help individuals have a better life and think it will be a great learning experience

  • mattbrandeburg

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Matthew Brandeburg, I’m a senior studying International Relations, International Development, French, and History. I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana, but I have been fortunate to work and volunteer abroad through Tulane or professional contacts formed along the way. Some highlights include volunteering in Haiti and Costa Rica, and working in Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is also where I studied abroad for 9 months focusing on identity and immigration (the topic of my thesis), something that may tangentially apply to the course as it introduced me to concepts such as Anderson’s Imagined Communities thesis and Manuel Castells’ Fourth World argument, among others.

    Feel free to linkin with me at:

  • laurenparmley

    Hi guys, I’m Lauren. I’m a sophomore majoring in International Development and International Relations and minoring in Spanish. I’m from Crystal Lake, Illinois. I just got back two days ago from a sustainability trip to Cape Town, SA where we started an agribusiness with one of the cooperatives in the Langa township. Over the summer I worked in an orphanage in Haiti and that’s where my interest in development really began. I also studied in Spain in high school. I like to think I’m pretty tech savvy but I guess we’ll see! I’m excited for this class because during my trip to South Africa we taught first-timers how to use the Internet which was pretty cool.

  • ddipietro216

    Hey- my name is Dani DiPietro, I’m a junior majoring in public health and international development. I’m from Baltimore, Maryland (go Ravens!). I love traveling and volunteering abroad. I have participated in service trips in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti, and plan on spending the summer in India working on a development project. I enjoy my technology a lot but I certainly don’t know how to get the most out of it. I think that technology has the potential to benefit citizens of developing countries tremendously, so I am excited to learn more about development and technology in this course.

  • dolson2110

    Hey everyone, my name is Desiree Olson. I’m a junior and am majoring in Public Health and International Development. My hometown is San Diego, California. I have participated in a service trip to Guatemala and plan to do many more.I definitely enjoy technology on a personal level and am looking forward to learning more about technology associated with Public Health. Although I would say I’m fairly technologically savvy, there is still plenty I do not know!

  • jdywest7

    Hey Everyone! My name is Jasmine West, I am senior from Philadelphia, PA. My majors include Political Science & International Development, with a minor in Public Health. I recently studied abroad in India (fall 2012), where I did most of my studies in New Delhi, as well as Mumbai. Honestly my experience was life changing, and hope to return in the next two years. Additionally, I have traveled to Costa Rica and Mexico where I participated in service work. I am excited to learn about the role technology is playing in developing countries. More specially, how it is both improving and worsening the development of “certain” developing countries.

  • sginsburg

    Hello, all! My name is Sonia Ginsburg and I’m a junior studying Environmental Studies and International Development with a minor in Economics. I just came back from a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and hope to get the chance to work in Latin America in the future. I am not very skilled with technology. I know how to use twitter but this is my first time using a blog. I’m looking forward to learning about technology’s place in development.

  • amellan

    Hello- I am Annie Mellan. I am senior student majoring in Sociology and International Development. I am most recently from Northern Virginia. I am returning this semester after taking the summer and fall to do some traveling in Southeast Asia, Japan and India. I mostly did informal exploration but I also spent some time on two organic farms. I have little daily interaction with ICT but I am interested in it for its role in social movements. In the Development world, I am most passionate about human rights and environmental sustainability.

  • skaplan9190

    Hi there – I’m Samantha Kaplan (also go by Sam). I’m a senior majoring in African & African Diaspora Studies and International Development. I studied abroad in Tunisia last Spring mainly focusing on Arabic and French as well as witnessing the amazing political changes the country was undergoing just shy of a year after their revolution. I’m a huge lover of traveling and also an avid photographer. As far as tech savvy-ness goes I’m pretty behind. Hopefully this class will help me catch up on that front though. I’m really interested in humanitarian aid and conflict resolution on an international scale and at some point on the side I’d love to do contract work for National Geographic. Thats about the brunt of it. Here’s the link to my tumblr for photography if you’re at all interested in my work.

  • rhomsche

    Hey guys, I’m Rylan Homscheid, I’m a junior. I am an Idev and Sociology major and a psych minor. I have traveled a lot, Europe, the Caribbean, Central America, and a couple countries in South America. I have done many trips with Builders Beyond Borders while in high school, and can’t wait to move out of America. I like to think that I am tech savvy.

  • sydneysapper

    My name is Sydney Sapper and I am a third year undergraduate student majoring in International Development and Sociology from Los Angeles, California. My international experience includes travel to Mexico, Poland, Israel, the West Bank (Palestine), and India as well as a semester living in Thailand. During my four months in Thailand, I lived with rural families in the northeast while learning about Thai language and culture, as well as issues facing these communities, focusing on the effects of development and globalization. My expectation from this course is to have a greater understanding of how technology can best be used for development. I feel fairly comfortable with technology, and have significant experience with social media.

    Feel free to check out my professional pages at http://www.linkedin.com/in/sydneysapper and http://www.devex.com/en/people/698373-sydney

  • vcahen

    Hi my name is Viviane Cahen and i am a sophomore. I am pursuing a bachelor of science in economics and a BA in international development with a minor in sociology. I have been to several continents such as south east Asia to volunteer in orphanages and other areas. I grew up in france and moved to San Diego for my freshman year of highschool. I do have a twitter and do enjoy technology but I wouldn’t consider myself too tech savvy. Can’t wait to get to know everyone!

  • madelinelparrish

    Hello, my name is Maddie Parrish and I’m from Northern California. Here at Tulane I’m a sophomore majoring in International Development and Sociology. I haven’t done much development work but I did study in Uganda for six weeks my junior year of high school. During those six weeks I lived and took classes at one of the major boarding schools there. Having done this I feel I have a unique perspective on Africa. I also hope to study abroad in france next year. In terms of development I’m really interested in micro finance and corporate social responsibility as a tool for funding and implementing projects. I’m excited to learn about technology in development and to become more familiar with all of the platforms we will be using in this class.

  • omahlerh

    Hey, my name is Olivia Mahler-Haug and I am a junior majoring in Psychology and International Development. I am from Branford, Connecticut and Ukiah, California. My mother grew up in Panama and my grandparents lived in Nicaragua until recently, so I spent a lot of time in Central America growing up. The rest of my family still lives in Germany, so I also spent a good amount of time there as well. In high school, I spent two summers working at SantralIstanbul Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and traveled to Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. I am relatively comfortable with technology, but I am interested in learning what role social media and technology plays in International Development.

  • khock1

    Hello, my name is Kelsey Hock and I am a Sophomore. I am majoring in International Development and Management and I am planning on doing the Masters of Accounting program. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and I am the fourth out of five children. I have been on development trips to Costa Rica, Australia and Fiji during my high school career. I also plan to study abroad in Geneva through SIT to gain a better understanding of international organizations the UN. I hope to gain a better understanding of technology in this class…I am not the best with technology.

  • sadiejglick

    Hi, my name is Sadie Glick and I am a junior. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in International Development. I am excited to take this class and hope that I can tie what I learn to my work that I am doing in my major.

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