EIU Digital Economy Rankings 2010, Innovation, and Changes in Methodology

One of our assigned readings for class (The Economist Intelligence Unit Digital Economy Rankings 2010 http://tinyurl.com/a4f4k2kpiqued my interest and made me think about how much technology is accelerating and its effects. The EIS report made a point to speak about how due to the rapid changes in technology, the methods in reporting the significance and usage of technological indicators have to be adjusted in order to stay accurate. In this case monitoring not just the quantity but also the quality of technology. 

This point made me think about the giant strides the world has made in terms of technology. My generation is one of change, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We grew up along side the technology of the telephone, transforming from a giant block with bad reception to mp3, phones, calendars  cameras, and so much more all in one. The cellular phone has become so ingrained in urban and parts of rural culture that you can see people in remote developing areas with cell phones like below. 


Just as the the methodology of measuring indicators of technology needs to be adjusted so does peoples usage of technology. Previously home phones or land lines were a huge part of the means of communication but now are turning obsolete due to the more efficient mobile phone. I agree that a big part of innovation is change and small adjustments in order to keep up. The EIS has the right idea of change for efficiency and accuracy and hopefully other reports and studies have reflected on their methodology in relation to innovation as well!


One response to “EIU Digital Economy Rankings 2010, Innovation, and Changes in Methodology

  • khock1

    I completely agree. It is so crazy how today we are basically born with the skills and knowledge necessary to work almost any technology. I do not think I have ever opened a manual for anything whether it is a new IPhone or a camera. Some of my younger family members often know how to work my computer better than I do.

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