Mobile Phones and Social Media

As we discussed in class, the World Economic Forum recently created the Global Information Technology Report. One topic in the report stood out to me. It was about social networking. I read that since its beginning six months, Google Plus had over 40 million users while it took Facebook over three years to reach a little over 20 million. That was really shocking to me.

But more interestingly, mobile broadband has been creating many shifts and has made significant changes in the industry. Many prominent internet sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are now extremely focused on mobile devices and how to create the best user experience. Facebook recently state that over 250 million people actively use Facebook through mobile devices (being more active in this way than non-mobile users). And Microsoft’s next PC operating system (Windows 8) is being designed to run on processors that are used in mobile phones today. I remember the first cellular phone that I came across when I was about 6 years old. It is truly crazy to think how quickly mobile technology and social networking has advanced so quickly.

Mobile Phones, and now internet, come with us almost everywhere we go and now are personalized and tailored for our specific needs and interests, which are unique to each person. The report recognizes that mobile broadband has the potential to impact important aspects of societies such as healthcare, education. Mobile broadband has the capacity to empower individuals in ways that were not even dreamed of a few years back. It is crazy to think how far we have come so quickly.

Here is a map of mobile phone history and usage:



3 responses to “Mobile Phones and Social Media

  • vcahen

    It is interesting to see how the numbers match reality. At college I go on FB and Twiiter on my phone more than anything, rarely on my computer and so do my friends and you can see that in countries where there is a big digital divide, the people who have broadband on their cellular devices are the ones with social media accounts.

  • skaplan9190

    I find this really interesting especially given this weeks reading by Heeks. He points out at the end that instead of focusing on PCs we should be focusing on the increasing use and direction of mobile technology.. Obviously the big internet honchos have taken the steps to move in that direction.

  • dolson2110

    Yeah I agree with the the comments above, I almost rarely access social media sites via my laptop anymore. The ease of use on a handheld mobile device has the reason for my preferred use on my phone. You didn’t mention Iphones and to me that even further highlights how quickly we are really advancing both with technology and social media. Although Iphones are a luxury and are more ubiquitous in developed countries, they are quickly becoming the ultimate means of accessing the internet and the millions of apps that are now offered to us! It will be interesting to see the ICT trends come ten years from now.

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