Beyond 2015

The UN’s Millennium Development Goals aim to end poverty and hunger, provide gender equality, environmental sustainability, universal education, and a global partnership, improve child and maternal health, and combat HIV/AIDS. These goals are ambitious and if achieved would radically change the world. Considering the prevalence of these issues in the world today, it seems that reaching these goals for every single country is a long way away. However, the target date for these goals is 2015, only two years from now.

Considering that even many of the most developed countries are far from reaching the MDGs, it is extremely unlikely that these goals will be universally met. So what next? The issues that the MDGs address will still be there in 2015 so what will the new plan be? Is there a new plan?

The organization, Beyond2015 seeks to answer these question. Beyond2015 is group of over 500 of over 500 organizations from a wide range of countries that campaigns for “a global development framework after the Millennium Goals.” Beyond2015 hopes to ensure that global civil society is included when forming the post-2015 agenda. The organization’s “must haves” for designing the new goals are leadership, legitimacy, substance, and accountability. The current MDGs find many of their flaws in their lack of ability to adapt to the needs of individual countries and in their lack of accountability. There wasn’t any real pressure on countries to push to meet these goals. The “must haves” of Beyond2015 exist to make the design and implementation of the post-2015 agenda  more affective, attainable, and enforceable than the current MDGs.

Beyond2015 is also a great resource for reports and videos that have to do with the post-2015 agenda. This video discusses the UN view of how countries should move on from 2015. The video talks about designing a new social contract and finding a balance between human and environmental issues. It seems like the UN and Beyond2015 have the right ideas so hopefully this time around they will be able to create a more reasonable time line and make a plan that is more individualized to each country so that they have a higher probability if success.


4 responses to “Beyond 2015

  • dbarnes4

    I think we have to be careful in being so critical of the MDG’s. I do not believe that the role of the MDG’s or any other framework that might follow is to prescribe individual solutions to specific countries. The role that international framework like the MDG’s, and any post-2015 declaration, is to provide guidelines and analysis to the development of the world. It is then in the hands of different branches of the UN, such as the UNDP, UNICEF, and UNESCO, and country organizations to incorporate these guidelines into national and regional polices. Organizations such as the OAS are a good forum for such regional implementation. I also thought it was interesting how the official in the video said that she thought the MDG’s weren’t ambitious enough. It will be interesting to see how the UN continues or reforms the MDG’s, as well as how its member states approach the attainment of these goals.

  • laurenparmley

    Beyond2015 sounds like a great idea! The point of the MDGs is to give a timeline to enact real change. But it’s also important to realize that in order for this change to be sustainable, something should be set in place once the timeline is over. Beyond2015 sounds like they’re stepping in and making sure the goals are achieved even after the dealine.

  • amellan

    This is an interesting post. I like the organization’s emphasis on civil society participation in juxtaposition to the MDG’s more political and economic tactical emphasis. I feel conflicted about creating yet another global to-do list, run by a different set of multinational large-scale organizations. It seems like it might be subjected to some of the same pitfalls as the MDG’s. It seems like the ‘solution’ and the ‘problem’ have surprisingly similar approaches. However, it is much easier to criticize than to create.

    The website is very ‘user-friendly’.

  • kamyaraja

    In agreement with previous posts, I like the idea of Beyond2015 very much. It seems to round out the rough goals that the MDGs aimed to accomplish. Also in response to the first comment, even if the MDGs serve only as guidelines, there is no purpose or motivation for countries to even take them into consideration if they aren’t developed with their consensus. The main problem with the MDGs is that they are written with very “Northern” perspective. These types of goals are much too general to actually motivate governments to action. If however, individual governments were encouraged to bring development projects and ideas to the UN and then ask for specific assistance carrying them out, that could lead to a much more efficient and effective means to alleviating many global development concerns.

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