eGovernment Authority, and the Enhancement of MDG’s

eGovernment Authority Kingdom of Bahrain(eGA), typically referred to as government Authority is a government agency that was established in 2007. Its mission is to “coordinate and execute e-government initiatives in line with the strategies, plans, and programs set by the Supreme Council for Information Communication Technology (SCICT)”. Roles of eGA include:

– Recommending policies and legislations to the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (SCICT) for approval to overseeing the execution of the approved SCICT programs, which includes:
suggesting required IT programs, facilitating communications and services between all government entities, opening new e-channels for e-government services, and offering technical and knowledge-based support to the ministries and other government entities.

Currently, the eGA is working on implementing a plan within Bahrain’s e-government strategy to Bahraini e-initiatives, and to offer 200 basic governmental services electronically via various communication channels within 3 years to all citizens, residents, and businesses of Bahrain.

In a YouTube video titled: “Accelerating MDGs eCenter through ICT” Mr. Mohammed Ali Al Qaed, eGA’s current CEO, states that his agency is contributing to the enhancement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Additionally, he discusses  how eGA is accelerating the progress of the MDG’s and enhancing the life’s of citizens by offering online services that cater to the MDGs. A service that caught my attention addresses the education MDG. Mr. Al Qaed states that he is no longer focused on concentrating on achieving primary education. According to him, the goal has already been “overachieved” , and is now concerned about improving the quality of education for Bahrain citizens by implementing e-learning programs. One of these programs is the Kings School for Future. The Kings School for Future is a virtual e-learning system that allows for students to look over their school curriculum and review it. It also connects students, with their parents and teachers to ensure that everyone is in tune with the progress of the student. To learn more about Mr. Al Qaed and eGovernment Authority, please watch the embedded YouTube videos.


One response to “eGovernment Authority, and the Enhancement of MDG’s

  • tanvishah1

    I was initially very surprised by Mr. Al Qaed’s assessment that the goal for achieving primary education has been “overachieved,” but once you clarified that he wanted to focus on enhancing the quality of education, I started to think that he has a point.

    It doesn’t make sense to require all children to be educated if the education system is so poor that it does not enhance their lives. There is an opportunity cost for many children and their families, especially for those who live in rural areas. While this may not be the case in Bahrain, I think that the direction Mr. Al Qaed wants to take is a valuable and important one. He may even be setting the standard for other countries to follow.

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