The UN Works to Make the Post-MDGs Agenda More Sustainable

In class, we all seemed to unanimously agree that there were at least a few issues with the Millennium Development Goals. In the article we read for class “ICTs and MDGs: on the wrong track?” Richard Heeks made it clear that he strongly felt the same. He specifically stated that these goals, which emerged as a response to the failures of the neoliberal agenda, have once again resorted to the same neoliberal mindset. Just as before, the developed countries, in the past known as “the global North” (but present day, does not hold true), are trying to impose their agenda and priorities on the developing countries.

With the advent of the target year 2015 and many of the MDGs a far cry from being met, the goals are receiving a much-needed makeover. What’s interesting about the changes being implemented is that the UN is utilizing social media and other means to include the voice of the populations the MDGs were set out to help in order to formulate new goals that are more practical and address their actual needs.

According to an article published by the UN Dispatch (, following the Rio +20 conference, UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon appointed the prime minister of England and the presidents of Liberia and Indonesia to co-chair a High Level Panel to spearhead the post MDG development agenda, likely to be known as the SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals. The panel surveyed 61 countries, asking them “list five to ten areas the SDGs should address,” and how could they specifically be applied to their countries.

The UN has also used the ever-expanding online communication outlets to increase the civil society input. It has created the website to receive public feedback and is promoting active discussion on Twitter through the hashtag #SDGs.


It seems like the UN is headed in the right direction, but will they get it right this time? Only time will tell. Either way, some (including me) still have their reservations. Is it reasonable to have a global agenda? Will the Secretary General’s proposal to the General Assembly truly take into consideration the High Level Panel’s input? Furthermore, will the High Level Panel via social media actually take into account all the needs presented by the people? Let me know what you all think!


One response to “The UN Works to Make the Post-MDGs Agenda More Sustainable

  • tanvishah1

    I think it’s impossible to expect that any goals, no matter how well thought out, can truly be achieved by all nations. However, I think there is some merit to the goals in that at least they put these needs on the agenda, showing that there is some sort of priority.

    It’s difficult to ensure that countries will make a focused effort to achieve these goals considering the international community cannot hold individual members responsible/accountable as each nation is sovereign. That’s not to say that the international community can’t put pressure on these countries. In the end, it’s up to each country, but I feel that some will feel ashamed if they can’t live up to certain standards that the rest of the world has set.

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