I recently learned about a subset of the Federal Communications Commission called WISENET: Women in ICTs Shared Intelligence Network. The network exists entirely online and aims to aggregate knowledge, experiences and data related to women in ICTs. In their own words,

WISENET (Women in ICTs Shared Excellence Network) is a convening platform that aims to leverage the experience, resources and connections of the international ICT community to better the situation of women, their communities and their countries. The platform will include the redesigned blog, news, events, and research.

WISENET is a key part of the International Bureau’s Women’s Initiative: Going Mobile and Connecting Women. Through the Initiative, we hope to collaborate on how to best use ICTs for development and motivate women to pursue careers in technology.

One exceptionally useful feature of the website is a oft-updated congregation of news links regarding women in ICTs—a topic which receives far too little media coverage. I’ve had a difficult time in the past finding news articles or current events relevant to our class discussions, and the first few links I tried here were great. The WISENET site also features a blog with posts from high-ranking administrators at various NGOs and government offices. Finally, there’s an impressive compilation of research on gender and ICT-related issues. More than anything else it looks like a way for English-speaking development workers to share ideas rather than a hands-on consumption-side ICT tool, but it’s still an incredibly useful resource. I have no way to tell how much traffic the site gets, but I hope someone out there is making use of it.


4 responses to “WISENET

  • tanvishah1

    Is this primarily for development workers? And as part of the International Bureau’s Women’s Initiatives, does WISENET focus on promoting women using ICTs in the US only or does it focus on other countries?

  • nsaqer

    I noticed how in its description, WISENET focuses on spreading knowledge. Do you know if they have funded any programs that look to close the gender digital divide?

  • clairedwyre

    Thats a really interesting point about how it is hard to find articles or current events regarding women in ICT’s. I actually did not have any issues finding information but it was not all within the last five years. I wonder what the time span of the documents or articles is. Thank you for sharing about this great new source!

  • khock1

    Thank you for sharing this source with us…
    But I also was wondering if WISENET worked with any programs that focused on the gender divide in ICT4D. I was just commenting on the last post about the importance of women in ICT4D and this website seems to target that idea-as you said-of a convening platform that aims to leverage the experience, resources, and connections of the international ICT community to better the situation of women.
    It is important to start development with women in order to benefit quickly the entire family, especially the children. Women often invest money in childhood education and family needs. This is the first step to development in many developing countries.

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