Brazil National ICT Resources

Notes: Studying Brazil as your focus country may not be as difficult as studying others, but it certainly takes some digging to find the resources you will need to analyze it. Having a basic background in Portuguese will be very helpful because most of the websites for the government branches that deal with ICT are in Portuguese. Furthermore, Brazil does not have a digitally published version of their National ICT Policy; therefore, most of your sources will be non-governmental overviews of the current ICT situation in the country.

While Brazil’s actual national ICT policy cannot be found on the web, a very thorough analysis of their latest policy, namely the Productive Development Policy (PDP), which was launched in 2008, can be found here:

Another key source in analyzing Brazil’s ICT sector is this GISWatch Country Report:

This publication gives another good general overview of the ICT landscape in Brazil, as well as the other BRIC countries, China and India.

The International Telecommunications Union briefly discusses Brazil’s national policy development and e-government.

The ITU also published another report that has myriad data on Brazil and its ICT sector, complete with tables full of indicators and rankings. This one is far more helpful.

This report provides the Network Readiness Index score for Brazil (and other countries), as well as an in-depth breakdown of that score. It is great for comparing and contrasting Brazil to other countries.

The following EIU report was really only useful for the numerical score breakdown of the Digital Economy Score. It was good for comparing and contrasting Brazil to its neighbors.


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