Senegal National ICT Resources

National ICT Plan/Strategy:

Senegal ICT Sector Performance Review – 2009/2010, Research ICT Africa: English Version

Senegal ICT Sector Performance Review: French– 2009/2010: French Version

Guide to ICT Policy in IST-Africa Partner Countries – April 2012, IST-Africa: English

Government Website:
Plan for the promotion of ICT use, July 2012 – Senegalese Government: French

Non-Governmental Websites:

IMF Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2010– Country Report written by the International Monetary Fund including a section about ICTs as a form of poverty reduction, 2010: English

Measuring the Information Society-  International Telecommunication Union, 2012: English

Global Information Technology Report – World Economic Forum, 2012: English

UNDP Harnessing the Power and Potential of Information and Communication Technologies for Local Development– Handbook for Policy Makers written by the United Nations Development Programme: Geneva Representation Office, 2012- Gives a helpful ICT Profile breakdown for Senegal: English

Breakdown of World Bank Statistics for Senegal– Trading Economics highlights World Bank Indicators for Communications in Senegal, 2012: English

For Senegal, I found it slightly difficult to find actual documents coming from the government, as opposed to external sources writing about government decisions and policy.


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