Dominican Republic’s ICT Resources This is the Dominican Republic’s plan through the CNSIC, which is the Comisión Nacional para la Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento.   They are the national body that is responsible for the design, development, and evaluation of the country’s strategy towards an information society. This is D.R.’s national ICT plan, called the Estrategia Nacional para la Sociedad de la Información Dominicana: e-Dominicana. (2007- written in Spanish) Indotel is the government’s body that is known as el Instituto Domincano de las Telecomunicaciones. They aided the CNSIC in writing the e-Dominican by providing managing editing guidance, the UTEA. They are responsible for regulating and overseeing the development of the telecommunications maarket. They are the main executioner of development projects. (written in Spanish)

Information was included in the WEF report as well as the ITU report. The resources are scarce, and information is difficult to find if you cannot speak Spanish. This can be avoided by using Google translate for the government websites. Everything was easily understood with a basic level of Spanish and with the aid of Google.


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