EIU Digital Economy Rankings 2010

The EIU Digital Economy Ratings of 2010 have taken countries which the study sees as having achieved some degree of ‘e-readiness.’ The report changed its title to “digital economy rankings” in order to reflect the challenge “of maximizing the use of information and communications technology (ICT) that countries face in the years ahead” (EIU,2). The indicators used in the report are also reflective of how ICT adapts and changes over time. For example, one of the modifications in this report is an indicator now measuring the “quality” of broadband and mobile connections as well as their prevalence. By modifying these types of indicators, the report saw certain countries decline in their overall rankings and others rise. The top performers must demonstrate:

  • a high degree of connectivity
  • score well on the quality of their business and legal environments
  • score well on social and cultural drivers of digital progress
  • have a sound public policy on ICT
  • score well on the levels at which consumers and businesses actually use digital services

The report also claims that the digital divide is narrowing in terms of comparative scores, which have declined between studies. The report goes on to argue that mobile data tools and services are “one area where the emerging world equals or outpaces the developed world in usage habits” (EIU, 3).


The image shows how the rankings are calculated based on different categories and how much each one weighs in the calculation. Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 5.48.13 PM


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