Nepal National ICT Resources

Notes of Finding ICT information: The policy was drafted in 2000 so it was at times difficult to find current information. Searching for “IT Policy” rather than “ICT Policy” produced more results.

National ICT Policy:


“Information Technology Policy, 2057 (2000)”  Language: English, Date: 2000, Lead Organization: The National Information Technology (IT) Development Council

Government Websites:

National Information Technology Center (NICT). Language: English and Nepalese.

NICT Policy Outline. Language: English

External Sources:

Measuring the Information Society. Language: English, Date: 2012, Publisher: International Telecommunications Union, Useful Information: IDI ranking, regional comparisons, specific technology prices, ICT penetration and economic conditions

The Global Information Technology ReportLanguage: English, Date: 2012, Publisher: World Economic Forum, Useful Information: Network readiness Index, Country overview on page 264

Information Technology In Nepal: What Role for the Government?Language: English, Date: 2002, Author: Junelee Pradhan, University of South Australia

The Development of Nepal’s IT Policy: A Case Study Language: English, Date: 2003, Publisher: Leanne Burton, Research Officer of Policy and Planning at International Development Research Centre



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