Profile: Economist Intelligence Unit

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is an independent business that is know for its “unparalleled coverage of major and emerging markets” ( They are the world leader in global business intelligence; they provide researching findings and market information on over 200 countries to business leaders, companies, governments, and universities around the world so that they can assess international market opportunities and risks, and make decisions with confidence. The EIU focuses on 6 key industries in their fieldwork and research: 1) Retail, 2) Energy, 3) Telecoms, 4) Financial services, 5) Healthcare, and 6) Automotive companies. (Check out a special EIU report with predictions and discussions of these industries for 2013!). Over 1.5 million people and corporations scattered throughout Europe, North America, Asia, South/ Centeral America, Africa, and the Middle East rely on the research and guidance of the EIU.

The EIU is comprised of “one of the largest and most experienced teams of country analysts in the world” ( More specifically, they have 300 full-time professionals stationed in 39 offices around the world that specialize in economics, politics, risk, industry, and management. Many of their country analysts work in-country, so they can provide “an understanding of local nuances…about individual countries and industries that you cannot find elsewhere” ( Most of their professionals live or have lived in the region they cover, so they know the culture, and in many cases the local language. An interesting fact about the EIU is that their expert team of 350 individuals speak a combined 25 different languages.

Their wide range of true global expertise allows the EIU to provide public ‘Global Forecasting Services’ on their website which includes world trade rates, exchange rates, information on hot commodities like oil, global news reports, and comprehensive charts and graphs.

In addition, with the help of outside partners, the EIU is able to provide data services for the public. Our reading “EIU Digital Economy Rankings” and other reports like “EIU Technology Indicators & Forecasts” are examples of the types of valuable reports that the EIU publishes. It’s great that much of their expertise and research is available to students and the general public.

In collaboration with their sister organization ‘The Economist’, the EIU assists in putting together over 100 events per year around the world on current issues and events relevant to their field of work. Examples of these events are: “the World Forests Summit” in Stockholm on “achieving sustainable forest management on a global scale”, the “Ghana Investment Summit” in Accra, and “Technology Frontiers Moscow.”

The EIU’s activities are widespread and their contribution to the today’s global society is invaluable. Visit their website to learn more!


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