InfoDev Knowledge Maps for ICT Use in Education

InfoDev, a company that promotes technology in developing countries, has created comprehensive knowledge maps relating to ICT in education. The maps construct a resource base of knowledge gaps in ICT use in developing countries in the domain of education. It allows for stakeholders and policy makers to see areas of focus and where improvements must be made.

The themes—impact, costs, current implementation of ICT in education, and planning—are a product of key findings identified before the compilation of the project. InfoDev attempts to narrow down the broad nature of ICT research by highlighting vital conclusions of the nature of ICT In education. Under each category, some key findings are as follows:


  • Disassociations between rationale for the use of ICTs in education and their actual implementation
  • Lack of standardized methods for ICT use


  • Little data or guides presently exist


  • ICTs are popular in education in developing countries, despite the difficulties they may face


  • Practices and lessons are not easily accessible as of now
  • The argument is being made that ICT use in education is a good motivation tool for students

Due to the nature of the inclusive report, which emphasizes the issues and priorities of developing countries and of stakeholders and policy makers, organizations and governments can begin to make changes that address these needs to make ICT implementation more effective and useful in the classroom. 


One response to “InfoDev Knowledge Maps for ICT Use in Education

  • laurag063

    What a great (and much needed) initiative. After reading your post, I’m left wondering a few things, though. Are there currently any policy makers, organizations, or governments actually utilizing these services and the data they gathered? I also wonder which countries they focused on, and what indicators they used (that others have not) that were useful in pointing out the knowledge gaps.

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