Open Learning Exchange Nepal

OLE Nepal (Open Learning Exchange) is “s a social benefit organization dedicated to enhancing teaching-learning in schools through the integration of technology and to provide uniform access to quality educational materials across different geographic areas and socio-economic strata”

The organization emphasizes that ICT education should not be the end, but a means to the end. OLE Nepal uses technology to teach mathematics, science and English.

In 2008, OLE Nepal implemented the controversial One Laptop Per Child Program. As of this year, the program operates in 34 schools and has impacted 4,000 students. OLE Nepal has ensured that every school is equipped with digital library and interactive resources and, most importantly, power backup. Lack of reliable access to electricity is a major problem in both rural and urban Nepal. Additionally, OLE Nepal conducts teacher training using the XO computers from the OLPC initiative.

Teacher training is one of the main goals of OLE Nepal. They state that, “Unless teachers are fully comfortable and confident with this new approach to teaching, the initiative will have limited impact on the teaching-learning process.” (OLE Nepal Project)

Perhaps cooperation among existing education organizations, teachers and the OLPC program can improve the success of the program? Among the many flaws of the OLPC program is a lack of infrastructure and human resource support. It seems OLE Nepal has attempted to address some of these issues and remains optimistic about ICT use in education.


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