World Bank Blog: How to Design an ICT Program for Education

In a blog post posted on EduTech, a World Bank blog on ICT use in education, author Michael Trucano, a senior ICT and education specialist, relays tips for how to plan an ICT program that will make an impact in education. Trucano first establishes that the country in which a program would be implemented needs to have the infrastructure to implement and maintain it. He emphasizes that the students and teachers both need to see the benefit of using computers and technology in the classroom.

On that note, if this technology does not exist in the classroom already, how should it be introduced and monitored over time?

According to another blog post by Trucano, giving students computers is not enough. As the post cites, a paper by Felipe Barrera-Osorio, a World Bank Economist and Leigh Linden of Columbia University, after analyzing 97 schools in Colombia, they found that computers had little impact on performance. The issue is that the programs “[fail] to incorporate the computers into the educational process.”


2 responses to “World Bank Blog: How to Design an ICT Program for Education

  • tanvishah1

    I’m glad you posted about this because not many projects take time to show potential users of technology how that technology will impact their lives. In fact, I feel that we rarely talk about giving people a chance to understand and review what measures will be taken to improve their lives before the project is actually implemented.

  • dolson2110

    Yes, I agree with your point here. I feel as though often developers are eager to start projects/programs and often overlook important key ingredients to success that come in the before implementation.

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