Why the e-Dominican is needed for Gender Divide

I was on a website, “Girls in ICT”, and found some interesting insight into the Dominican Republic’s necessity for ICT’s, especially regarding its stance on eliminating the Gender Divide. The article describes the proposal by the Research Center for Feminist Action (CIPAF) which is in charge of the e-Dominican’s gender perspective. The proposal was selected by the Fund for Gender Equality of the United Nations, and was one of 29 proposals selected for funding out of a total of 540 projects presented. When looking at the demographic of the Dominican Republic, women make up a majority college student population of 61%, yet they only represent 11% of the students studying science in said universities.

The Dominican Republic has been working towards eliminating the Gender Divide by presenting different plans towards this cause. The Plan for Equal Opportunities for Women in the Information Society (PIOMSI) as well as developing advocacy with the National Commission for Information Society and Knowledge (CNSIC) to incorporate a gender perspective during the reviewing of the e-Dominican, are both ways that the Gender Divide will be addressed. There is also the Young Women Entrepreneurs Project, which is a project that aims to promote economic ventures of young students and graduates of career in ICT.



2 responses to “Why the e-Dominican is needed for Gender Divide

  • dolson2110

    I find it really interesting that although women are enrolled in universities, they aren’t enrolled in science classes. Although the projects you mentioned are indeed steps towards ending the gender divide, are there more deep-rooted issues limiting women in the sciences? Like unable to afford technologies etc. and are these being addressed?

  • jdywest7

    This is very insightful, it would be interesting to find out what fields the women are studying in, and why they are not enrolled in science classes. Additionally, It would be great to find out what the gender gap looks like in the workforce. Also how is the DR going to use ICT to further empower women to study the sciences> ?

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