ICT4D Professional Spotlight: Anca Mosoiu

Anca Mosoiu’s vision for a world of accessible technology tools compelled her to create the Tech Liminal principles and workshop. After graduating from MIT with a computer science degree, she returned to her hometown of Oakland at the right time to participate in the Silicon Valley high-tech boom”


Anna Mosoiu, Founder of Technology Hotspot & Salon  "Tech Liminal"

Tech Liminal’s Anna Mosoiu.
Photo Credit: Wanda Hassig

ICT4D is often something we consider only in the sense of   uplifting and empowering small villages in the most remote of locations however ICT4D is happening constantly at all levels and regions of society. In the past, tech developer, Anca Mosoiu has devoted a vast amount of effort to developing technology in the city of Oakland, California.


Tech Liminal is a company dedicated to improving tech assistance among other businesses by operating a technology hotspot & salon based in Oakland, the heart of the Silicon Valley. Her work is credited with assisting in the development of the Silicon Valley as the technology hub it is today.

Philosophy of Optimism

Anca’s work has always been driven by an inner sense of optimism.

“ ‘To me the information age is like being at the beginning of the industrial age’ so much opportunity. But opportunity is restricted to those who have knowledge and resources. By putting the pieces together explaining Twitter, for example ‘you start leveling the playing field.’ ”

In addition to “leveling the playing field,” Anca’s work helps small, local businesses gain the technology skills necessary to make their work more efficient and as a result save money and expand their capacities. Although this is not the type of development work that we typically consider, the major tech giants and leaders that emerge from such efforts have begun to make large strides in development abroad as well. Unfortunately, the progress of development is heavily reliant on funding available which often times comes from the non-profit sector. As the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) field grows, more opportunities to begin and manage development programs and opportunities will develop as well. Sometimes ICT4$ is a necessary step before ICT4D can take place.

Google+ Community Leaders Program

Another example of development working with a similar philosophy is Google plus’ Community Leaders Program. This program trains people to assist small businesses and local leaders with basic technical skills that can help them further their horizons. New Orleans has a program dedicated specifically to technology development within the city if anyone is interested in getting involved.


One response to “ICT4D Professional Spotlight: Anca Mosoiu

  • tanvishah1

    I’m glad you wrote about ICT4$ because I feel that we need to include businesses in the development process. They’re not all bad, and really, some of them are just doing what they’re supposed to be – making money. Non-profits and governments hold the major roles thus far, but for-profit businesses can act as catalysts for development needs that may be stuck due to financial constraints. Nice profile!

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