Jorge Zapico: ICT4D Pioneer

Jorge Zapico describes himself as “a researcher looking at the intersection of information technology and sustainability” and has an extremely large database of information pertaining to ICTs in all aspects of the field. His recent article “ICT and Environmental Sustainability: Friend or Foe?” pertains directly to the issue of the utilization of different sectors in conjunction with ICTs. In many of his articles, Zapico works to get the ball rolling on certain ICT issues, in addition to the attempt to facilitate further research.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.37.59 PM

Zapico also pioneered the “Green Hackathon” who’s mission is to get developers together to use computers and technology for the greater good in making it more sustainable and more efficiently utilized. These “coding events” have taken place in many different countries around the world, in hopes of getting more and more people involved on an international scale.

He as also worked on projects like Green Analytics, which helps represent data on things like carbon footprints in an understandable manner, in addition to generating life-cycle assessments to allow people to understand how to reduce their carbon footprint.

His article on industrial ecology is especially pertinent to the Energy and Environment ICT sector. Using metrics, the measuring and accounting of data, he explains, can allow for better use of resources in industries using a myriad of ICTs to allow for a greater scale of dematerialization and optimization.

Check out his website and Twitter page.



One response to “Jorge Zapico: ICT4D Pioneer

  • laurag063

    I’m always interested when the topic shifts to environmental issues, development, and sustainability- I feel like these discussions could not be more relevant. Because technology and the environment are two entities that typically have been thought of as in constant opposition, I think the focus definitely needs to shift to how we can have create a mutually supportive relationship between the two. Zapico’s got the right idea.

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