Professional Profile: Jon Camfield

I found Jon Camfield via a blog post from by Wayan Vota, in which the subject was, “What are the best practices in ICT4D?” The post was sparked by this tweet from Jon Camfield:

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 3.05.21 AM

Clearly, that sparked my interest given the subject of our lecture Thursday with our guest, Wayan Vota himself.

Upon checking out Camfield’s LinkedIn, I was able to get a lot of info on the guy, and it’s fair to say he has a pretty impressive background. So I will just give a brief overview of his work history/education and what he describes as his interests and how that relates to the paths that I believe many of us will soon be finding ourselves on in the next couple of years.


  • finished undergrad 1999 from University of Texas at Austin with Plan II Honors, degree in Technology/Literacy/Culture, Philosophy and Spanish
  • grad school: George Washington University – completed in 2005 in International Science and Technology Policy

Work Experience: 

  • IT Manager at CrisisLink from 2005-2007
  • ICT and Social Media Director at Youth Service America from 2007-2009
  • Technology Strategist at Ashoka Changemakers from 2009-2012
  • Technologist, Internet Initiatives Program at Internews from November 2012-present

In addition to his education and formal work experience, Camfield was a Peace Corps “ICT” volunteer in Jamaica, has been working since 2008 on the platform, has published a number of articles such as “It’s Time to Start Judging Nonprofits Like For-Profits” and the presentation, “Scaling Social Enterprise.”

In his summary on LinkedIn, Jon says: “I believe in the power of social networks — both off- and on-line — to empower communities. Technology is an enabling force that can strengthen these networks as well as connect them globally to peers, partners, knowledge resources, as well as social innovations and development opportunities. I am interested in ICT projects that further international empowerment / development projects.”

thoughts . . .

One of the questions the class asked Wayan Vota was what kinds of things we needed to do to really get into the field of International Development or ICT4D. He pointed out a few key things like getting a LinkedIn, for starters, as well as a Twitter, and really working on establishing our networks. I now realize that in our world of such fast-paced technology and change, the only real way to keep up and stay involved is by moving with the direction of the current trends. Reading Jon Camfield’s profile on LinkedIn was not just eye-opening for the amount of experience he has that is surely ahead of all of us, but was also indicative of how important social networking is for all aspects of peoples lives today–as exemplified by his 500+ connections on LinkedIn.


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