Social Media Brings Potential for Greater Cyber attacks

Throughout our class discussions we have highlighted the role of social media in developing world from humanitarian sector, to ending corruption, and raising awareness to name a few. Social media has brought about a lot of positive change throughout the world, but it also opens a new window for cyber attacks. Social media has allowed for the extremely rapid dissemination of information and high volumes, but with it comes the possibility of false information spread as it occurred in Assam, India. As the Muslim population grew in India, tensions continued to arise between the Muslim and Hindu groups. In July 2012, an indigenous tribe in Assam attacked a group of Muslim settlers, killing 78 people and relocating over 300,000 to refugee camps. Soon thereafter, reports of riots outside of Assam went viral with photos of riots taking place in different urban cities, ultimately inducing a mass panic. As it turns out these photos were false, and in fact were altered photos of other riots.  This is a good example of social media used for crowd manipulation and hysteria propaganda, and demonstrates the need for cyber security efforts to expand in this new digital tool.

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One response to “Social Media Brings Potential for Greater Cyber attacks

  • laurenparmley

    Additionally, social media (such as Facebook) has the ability to spread viruses like wildfire. Often times I’ll go on my newsfeed and it is full of different people posting the same link. With the click of a button to view an “article”, instead a virus immediately spreads to the next person’s friend list and so on. Social media allows hackers to target the masses. After all everyone is connected.

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