Cyber Security in Mexico

After the presentation on Thursday I was left wondering about how much attention countries around the world, particularly my own country Mexico, paid to cyber security threats. I was shocked to find out that on a report titled Cyber-security: The Vexed Question of Global Rules which ranks how effective is the government’s response to cyber security in 23 countries threats Mexico was ranked last with a score of 2 out of 5.



According to the report  the weakness in Mexico’s cyber attack defenses is that there are currently no special rules to combar cyber-crime. Instead, they utilize the current legal framework to address cyber crimes. This presents a problem as the existing legislature is not broad enough to cover new threats and thus is not adequate to counter cyber crime attacks.

Personally, I believe that Mexico should take cyber threats more seriously especially after the government was a target of cyber attacks in 2011 . For Mexico to address the issue seriously there should be special legal mechanisms to counter cyber-threats in the fashion of countries that rank higher such as Israel.


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