Making Cybersecurity A World Wide Issue

When we first began our discussion on cybersecurity, I was struggling to figure out the needs for such an ICT initiative in the developing nation. There is no terrorist organization or foreign entity that is going to want to cause mayhem in a developing country, because what’s the point? But then after this week’s lecture and hearing Professor Russo discuss the need for cybersecurity, I realized that protecting online information and softwares is a key component of development. With weak security on anything from banking to government files, citizens of a developing nation are finding trouble trusting their government or banks, leading to a failure with domestic investments. A lack of domestic investments further retards a developing nation’s economy, and promotes a greater divide between the developed and developing. For this reason alone, I feel that cybersecurity is a huge step towards development, and that organizations such as the EastWest Institute (EWI) are making great strides in the development of this field.

EWI is a corporation responsible for the 2009 Worldwide Security Initiative, which views the securement of cyberspace as a global challenge. The Worldwide Security Initiative formed a coalition of representatives of the world’s most digitally advanced nations, who’s aim is to “shape “rules of the road” for cyber conflict and fighting cyber crime through international cooperation.” With programs starting in India, China, and Russia, the EWI is committed to bringing cybersecurity initiatives to the developing world in order to secure cyberspace around the globe.

The video below details the aims of the Worldwide Security Initiative, and discusses the importance of why cybersecurity is truly a world wide issue. It is because programs like the EWI that gives promise to developing nation’s economies, and provides the guidance for these developing nations to accomplish these goals.

One response to “Making Cybersecurity A World Wide Issue

  • ddipietro216

    What a great organization. So important for developing countries to get a jump start on cybersecurity while they’re industries and infrastructure are still in the early/ developmental stages, rather than trying to add these protocols and plans into existing industries, which the US is struggling to do now. As Professor Russo said, we’re having to ‘change the tires while the car is moving’ which is much more difficult than addressing cybersecurity right off the bat.

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