ICT4D Reflection: Design is Everything

In learning of the application of ICTs in development initiatives, I now understand that the design of the ICT is essential to the  success of the innitiatives.  The design of the ICT must reflect an array of factors from the physical design of the power source to the interface design to ensure usability. An ICT design that does not consider factors such as language, literacy, gender, infrastructure and culture ultimately will fail. That is why the design process must include the people it intends to benefit.

I have learned that the design process cannot happen in isolation.  I am an aspiring User Experience designer and before taking this class, I had always pictured my future self working in a lab with designers and coders, developing different ICTs with the occasional focus group or usability test. Since learning about human-centered design in the course, I know that my future vision must expand from just working with designers and programmers, to working with end users, policy makers, and the like throughout the design process.


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