ICT4D: The Vehicle for Global Consciousness

In ICT4D this past semester, I have been afforded the opportunity to garner an understanding of the importance of Information and Communication Technologies for development of our world. To have the world stay in a relatively stagnant position, regarding technological advances, until the industrial age, one can now look back at how far human kind has come in developing itself. Now, with the developed world operating at such a high level of technological dependence, there is a calling for the rest of the world to catch up. The Internet boom and the illumination of knowledge has provided our world with the necessary tools to bring individual freedoms and rights to the people. Without technology, our world would still be stuck in the 1800’s.

The way that I interpreted ICT4D is that there was a direct correlation with technology and development, and that it was the key to making development projects/efforts a reality. One of the key lessons learned from this ICT4D class is the idea that ICT4D is now at the core of every sector of development. This shows technology’s influence over how the developed world operates, and how the underdeveloped world could be brought up to speed through the constructive use of ICT’s.


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