Fall 2013 Student Contributors & Introductions

Welcome to all students from the Fall 2013 IDEV 4100: ICT4D class!

Please post a comment to this post and introduce yourselves – this entry will serve as a record of this semester’s blog contributors and help us kick off the posts for this semester! Incude the following:

  • Your name, year in school, major(s)/minor(s)
  • Where you’re from and anything interesting/personal you’d like to share, such as international experience (travel/leisure or professional/academic).
  • What you expect from this class and/or your interest in or level of comfort with technology (it’s ok to NOT be a tech-savvy person)!
  • OPTIONAL: Link(s) to your Twitter account, LinkedIn page, or other professional/academic site/account/page that you would want to share with fellow students and the ICT4D community. Keep in mind all of this info is PUBLIC, so only share what you’re comfortable with.

Don’t forget to follow our class Twitter account: @TulaneICT4D


About jessports

PhD candidate at Tulane University, studying ICT4D, M4D, and applications of technology in disasters and humanitarian aid. Proud member of the American Red Cross for 14+ years, focusing on international humanitarian law, disaster services technology, young professional engagement, and disaster volunteer training. Nerdy New Orleans cosplayer, lover of all things sci-fi, including Star Trek & Doctor Who. View all posts by jessports

12 responses to “Fall 2013 Student Contributors & Introductions

  • etuttlem

    International Development and Gender & Sexualities Major, Junior and newly established resident of New Orleans. I’ve done research on the ethnomedicinal uses of plants for women’s reproductive health in a rural village in India in 2011. I’m interested in how technology can be used to preserve non-traditional medicinal techniques such as midwifery and doulas, and improve recovery time in remote areas. I took Social Entrepreneurship and Development last semester and was very inspired by Model 2 Hybrid non-profits. I’m interested in gardening, minerology, antique shopping, and boxing. I’m about as tech savvy as the next 21st century gal. My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmatuttleman

  • skivett2013

    Sophie-Ann Kivett. I’m a senior Latin American Studies and International Development major with a minor in Spanish. I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida. I just got back from a year of study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina which I absolutely loved. I am excited about the class but I’m not a super tech-savvy person.

  • oabell

    Octavia Lucy Mawson Abell, or just Tavie. Political Economy and International Development double major with a regional interest in North Africa and the Middle East. Providence, RI native and aspiring global citizen, an avid runner, hiker, and kickboxer. I had my first blogging experience while studying in Morocco in the spring of 2012 and I’m excited to increase my tech savvy and explore the role of technology in informal markets. Find me on LinkedIn or facebook: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/octavia-abell/29/46b/a21 http://www.facebook.com/tavie.abell

  • dsafyer

    Dylan Safyer. I’m a junior and an Economics major with an IDEV minor. I was born in Boston and raised on Long Island. As far as travel experience goes I’ve been to Europe and as far as Israel. I would consider myself semi-tech savvy, but I have never really gotten too into blogs/twitter/etc. I think this class will be a good introduction to those types of social media and their more academic uses, and I’m excited to get started.

  • jbenno2013

    Jia Benno. I’m a senior Public Health and International Development major from New Jersey. I love to travel and just got back from studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland which included 11 days in Morocco. I don’t consider myself too tech savvy so hopefully this class will help me feel more comfortable with technology!

  • mpavlin

    Mekala Pavlin. I am a senior and a International Development and Sociology major with a psychology minor. I am from New York City. I traveled abroad last fall to Thailand and also went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. I am not very good with technology but hope to learn more about it by taking this class.

  • beaubraddock

    Beau (William) Braddock. I am a senior and a major in Political Science (IR) and International Development, with minors in Architecture and Urban Studies. I am from Houston, and I just got back from spending three months in Kolkata, India interning with an NGO. I previously volunteered in Haiti during the summer of 2011 with a team of other students from Tulane. I really love technology for the ways that it is opening up a new paradigm for billions of people over the coming years for those whom live in impoverished conditions. That notwithstanding, I honestly find technology a bit overwhelming and overbearing at times, but I hope that this class teaches me how to harness the enormous potential that it provides to reach out and connect with disparate audiences around the world.

  • drenchar

    Hey all. My name is Duncan Renchard, I grew up in Connecticut, and I’m a Junior majoring in Finance and International Development. I’ve been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time abroad; last summer I was in East Africa studying the reintegration process of former LRA soldiers in Northern Uganda and post-1994 development in Rwanda, and I’ve also spent a few summers in South America doing construction/service work. My main passion in the development field is giving people access to clean and safe drinking water–it will be interesting to see how ICT4D can play into that. It’s also clear that technology, particularly social-media, is playing an evermore crucial role in development and poli/social-movements, so I’m looking forward to learning more about the field.

  • jnicolo

    I am Jonas. A senior economics and IDEV major and business minor from Portland, Maine. Since I was 17 I have spent about 2.5 years in China learning both the language and the culture there. I have also spent time traveling around Southeast Asia. This past summer I worked on a website for a startup incubator in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then spent a month in Vietnam working with my brother on his online education company.

    Even though I have some experience working for internet focused companies, I must say that I have never had much interest in integrating technology into my life in a significant way. But, as I become more familiar with the international business environment I realize that this attitude will get me nothing but headaches, and I am better off rethinking my outlook.

    I am excited to learn some new tricks in this class and begin to develop my skills as an online entity.

  • Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez

    Hola Everyone,

    My name is Juan Carlos Monterrey. I am a Senior Economics and International Development Major. I am from Panama. I am the service learning coordinator for the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship initiative at Tulane. This summer I had the opportunity to attend and present at a conference in Singapore. It was pretty cool. I also had the chance to travel around south-east Asia a little bit. I am expecting to learn how social entrepreneurs are using ICT around the globe to tackle societies’ most pressing issues.

    Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/JMonterreyGomez
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/juan-carlos-monterrey-gomez/28/853/440
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gmcj3
    Blog: http://juancarlosmont13.wordpress.com/
    (PS: I haven’t use my twitter account and my blog in a long time.)

  • Chase


    My name is Chase Hamilton. I am a senior from Jacksonville, Florida, and I am studying International Relations and International Development, with a minor in Sociology.

    I studied in Morocco during the Fall of 2012. I spent 12 weeks living in the capital city of Rabat, and 2 weeks in Fez. During this semester, I studied Arabic and political science, and lived with a host family with whom I spoke French and Arabic, little by little.
    This past summer, I spent 7 weeks in Haiti working in development. I worked with a non-profit named Kore Foundation, who provides micro-loans to rural chicken farmers across Haiti. I also worked with Christianville Foundation to create a student sponsorship program for the new STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) school.
    I have also traveled a fair amount around Europe.

    I would say that I selectively use technology. I get pretty overwhelmed with the overstimulation of Western culture. I still own a flip phone, don’t have a Twitter, and try to spend as much time unplugged as possible. That said, I am thankful for the availability of technology in my life for when I most need it, and I think that technology could greatly help foster development worldwide.

  • shefalitulane


    Shefali Arora- I’m in the middle of my 3 years at Tulane (so whatever that makes me), and I’m an International Development and Gender & Sexuality studies major with a Political Science Minor.

    I used to play on Tulane’s beach volleyball team, I’m a Newcomb Scholar and a Rising Leaders Fellow with Teach for America. I enjoy long walks on the beach and a good mystery novel….(hehehe juuuust kidding there guys)

    My goal is to pursue a career in International Human Rights Law with a focus on empowering women. Currently I want to do this through eliminating the sexual slave trade/ human trafficking, but I want to help where I can help the most people.

    I’d agree with Chase as far as my technological use goes- I use it as I need to, but am still very much learning the ropes. However, since I only see it as increasing in its importance, I’m doing my best to keep up with the times! (Gosh that makes me sound old!!) Ironically, I am the least technologically literate out of my entire nuclear family, parents included.

    I intern with various anti-trafficking/ pro-women’s groups and am looking to start my own Trafficking Education Organization here in New Orleans, so if this is something you’d be interested in on any level, look me up 🙂

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