iMENTORS: Coordinating ICT Initiatives in Africa

iMENTORS is a “one-stop-shop data warehouse on all e-infrastructure development projects of Sub-Saharan Africa,” co-funded by the European Commission’s DG CONNECT under the 7th Framework Programme.  Although currently in beta testing, this website aims to help coordinate ICT initiatives in this part of the world. iMENTORS plans to link all of these different agencies and organizations dedicated to ICT programs through the use of their website.

Each organization/individual would create an online public profile on the iMENTORS website. This profile would allow these agencies to meet other organizations worldwide to swap ideas and expertise. Users would be able to network and augment the visibility and scale of their individual initiatives. Also, users would be able to provide criticisms and feedback to help shape future programs. The website intends to help facilitate the sharing of research in the ICT field through the use of these profiles.

Once fully operational, iMENTORS looks to be at the forefront of ICT initiatives, in Sub-Saharan Africa by being the most up to date resource for these types of organizations to utilize.  The most interesting and visually pleasing part of the website comes in the form of their “map” section. This section of the website shows a map of the world and graphically lays out where (and how many) initiatives are taking place, and organizations are located.

iMENTORS looks to be a great resource for anyone in the ICT field and is definitely worth your time to check out.


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