Millennium Development Goals: Whose Really Working Towards Achieving Them?

This week in class we discussed the 2015 millennium development goals. These goals are to 1.) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, 2.) Achieve universal primary education, 3.) Promote gender equality and empower women, 4.) Reduce child mortality, 5.) Improve maternal health, 6.) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, 7.) Ensure environmental sustainability, 8.) Instill a global partnership for development.  All 191 United Nation member states agreed to work towards these 8 goals and make them a priority by 2015.

While discussing these goals the class wondered whether countries like the United States, Sweden and Denmark, which are considered some of the most “developed” and advanced countries in the world are striving to reach these goals. All three of these countries are UN member states, and therefore should be focused on reaching these goals. The United States doesn’t seem focused on these goals. They aren’t being talked about, publically displayed and most people don’t even no what they are. In order to reach these goals and really create change, it is important to have the help of the citizens, the people who will really see the affect of these changes.

Although these are very important goals and every nation around the world need to and should work towards meeting them, working towards these goals might not benefit all 191 member states, specifically the one’s that are considered “developed”. Richard Heeks, in his article “ICTS and the MDGs: On the Wrong Track?” states “We ought to at least to be considering some different priorities if we want to make effective use of the opportunities that new technology affords.” Countries that are considered “developed” could be using technology and other resources to better their societies. These countries could also use their resources to help other countries that are struggling to effectively reach these goals.  America has access to ICTs and maybe should focus on using them more efficiently and effectively.


One response to “Millennium Development Goals: Whose Really Working Towards Achieving Them?

  • Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez

    I completely disagree with the notion that developed nations, just because they are ‘developed’, will not benefit from addressing MDGs within their borders. Goal #1 is to eradicate extreme poverty. According to the National Poverty Center ” the number of people in the US living on less than $2 a day per person, termed extreme poverty, increased by 160 percent from 1996 to mid-2011, rising from 636,000 households to some 1.65 million households.” It seems like the USA, the biggest foreign aid donor, won’t even be able to achieve goal #1 by 2015. Source:

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