ICT + MDGs: Resources


Source: ICTworks’ website

The United Nations’ Asian Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development provides and outstanding list of resources that explain how ICT can help us achieve the Millennium Development Goals – especially Goal 8. This page contains studies that address topics such a: the gender divide and technology, youth and ICT4D, ICTs and Democracy, ICTs and the environment, ICT and Human development, etc.

The page serves as a great resource for academics, practitioners and students seeking for rigorous analytical studies that provide meaningful insights on the potential of ICT to consciously accelerate the development process. The study  titled “A Digital Shift: Youth and ICT for development” is one of the most interesting documents on the site. It is not a secret that youth are major consumers of new technologies and this study provides a fresh perspective on how the youth through ICT can contribute to the achievement of the MDGs.

Additionally, I also want to share an old but meaningful article published on ICTworks’ website. The title of the article is “5 ways ICT can support Millennium Development Goals.” This article also explains the importance of engaging youth in the development process. Ultimately the youth will be the biggest beneficiaries of our current and future development achievements; hence, making them active participants of the development process should be common sense.


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