UN Reviews MDGs: Lesson Learned?

While this past week we discussed the MDGs, I thought it would be particularly interesting to see the official United Nations report on its own shortcomings. Though the U.N. describes the Millennium Declaration as “visionary” and “powerful”, though it seems that the most the organization can pride itself on is “progress” and “inspiration” even though it cites the inconsistencies of this progress. What I found most striking was, all of a sudden, this progress became hard to measure, though it seems as though this is a way to shift focus off the lack of achievement of these MGDs.The perceived strengths include providing framework and raising awareness of these plaguing issues, as well as uniting forces to achieve common goals. However, the lack of “consideration” of different starting points and cultural enablers. What I found shocking was that they failed to consult more experts/ locals on how to implement goals. The document seems to imply that for the amount of consideration and planning put into the MDGs, respectable progress was made. However, I would’ve expected an organization like the U.N., to have put more thought into implementation and conceptualization before making such lofty goals.

As far as it’s connection to this class goes, it makes me wonder about the bond between ICT4D and the MDGs. How crucial are ICTs to MDGs, or is this a way of showing us that ICTs are not the solution to our development problems?


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