Panama National ICT Resources

Studying Panama as your focus country will be difficult as many of the government resources and ICT policy documents are in Spanish. The National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) is the public entity in charge of creating, implementing, and monitoring the success of Panama’s ICT policy. Make sure to use AIG’s resources before researching external documents. Please, keep in mind that every administration has created a new ICT policy, thus it is important to make sure the resources you use refer to the most recent policy. There is a lot of information available, so make sure to focus on the specific information you need. Unfortunately, there is a low of level of continuity among government initiatives when the ruling party changes. I expect the upcoming administration (starting in June 2014) to create a new policy.

National ICT Policy:

Agenda Digital Estratégica: Panamá 2012-2014

Language: Spanish

Creator: National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) and UNDP

Publisher: AIG

Creation Year: 2010

Updates: N/A


Government Resources:

National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG)

National Secretariat for Science and Technology

Ministry of Economics and Finance

Ministry of Social Development

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Controller’s Office

The National Statistical Institute


Non-Government Resources:

Country Profile: Panama – 2012 ECLAC

Language: English

Perfil Economico de Panama – 2012 ECLAC

Language: Spanish

The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC)

Language: Spanish

National ICT Chamber

Language: Spanish


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