Turkey National ICT Resources

It was relatively easy to find Turkey’s National ICT Strategy however, there are several documents saying more or the same thing.  You’ll find that the national policy is more strategy based. The policy has not been updated since the early 2000’s. Although it’s important to cite the State Planning Organization, external websites give a better picture of what is actually going on since there is a problem with biased reporting and incomplete information in Turkey.

Government Websites

Turkey’s Information Society Strategy provides the goals and ways to reach them to transform itself into an Information Society. Updated in 2006, author is the State Planning Organization, language is in English.

Turkey’s e-Transformation Action Plan written by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in 2004 is more descriptive and than the same plan written by Turkey’s State Planning Organization in 2003. Both are in English. An outline of the Short Term Action Plan with more recent updates, written by  Emin Aydin of the State Planning Organization’s newly created Information Society Department, was published in 2010 and is in English.

ICT Industry

ICT in Turkey updated in 2012 provides insights into Turkey’s ICT Industry. Written by McBDC Business Development & Consultancy Services Co.Ltd. It is in English and provides the best picture of recent ICT industry growth in Turkey I could find. A less recent but also helpful document called Insights into Turkish ICT Industry was published in 2004 by Rukiye Ozcivelek and Haluk Zontul  of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center in English. It to see what products are imported and exported over time, but I would stick to the more recent one.


External Websites

Information and a picture of Turkey’s electronic identification card system written by Bilgem, Center of Research for Advanced Technologies of Informatics and Information Security in what I believe is 2008, although it doesn’t explicitly say.

Weakness of Turkey’s ICT Policy written by Dr. Özgür Uçkan  in 2009 shows the setbacks of not having a policy and Turkey’s fear of governance. It is in English and very insightful if you have time to read it.



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