TalkBackTV-Your Webcam Is Now A Weapon Of Mass Communication

Everyone at some point talks back, maybe even screams at their TV. But for last 50 years TV has been a passive experience. We sit and we watch. TalkBackTV is the next step in web-video engagement, content creation and community building. TalkBackTV will turn TV into a two-way conversation because it allow users to create a virtual, web driven conversation. TalkBackTV gives the public a tool to engage the powers that be, in a way never before possible. This new service will allow everyone to become their own John Stewart, using the Fair Use laws to record copyrighted shows and insert your own comments. It lets everyone to skewer the days video events and expand the cultural conversation. Users access a video-database of the days TV events and record their comments via webcam. These comments and the TV clips they accompany are edited into finished “Rants,” hosted on and are able to be embedded across blogs, Facebook and mobile devices. TalkBack is all about empowerment, interactivity, and leveling the playing field to give a voice to those who until now have not been heard from. It brings the casual TV watched in from the sidelines and gives them a role to play in the pop-culture conversation.

TalkBackTV, although currently not up and running, is a good example of a new and innovate piece of technology. For first time this website will allow people who are just sitting at home at their computers have a say. With more voices heard, there is more potential for change. In countries around the world where censorship exists, this website could allow people to speak out against oppression, legally or illegally. It will be interesting to see what becomes of TalkBackTV in the future.


One response to “TalkBackTV-Your Webcam Is Now A Weapon Of Mass Communication

  • Ozella Seabaugh

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