ICTs& Poverty Alleviation: There is Hope, Yet!


I found the idea of poverty alleviation via ICTs another issue of education. Perhaps this was a particularly narrow-minded view, which is why I chose a summary of the effects on poverty in Nigeria after privatizing the Telecommunication system. Alleviation of poverty from an economic standpoint, a symbiotic relationship is revealed between poverty alleviation and ICTD. Once the Telecommunication system was privatized IT such as mobile phones became increasingly accessible, and as the lower class gained access to these technologies they were able to utilize the economic advantages of ICT access, thus helping them alleviate their poverty. The article also mentions how access to ICTs leads to higher education and thus the alleviation of poverty.Overall the idea of an economic partnership with ICTs rather than an educational one seems, supported by this article, as a strong way to fight poverty at a national, and even eventually global level At


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