The 21st Century Classroom Project (Panama)

The Gabriel Lewis Galindo Foundation (FGLG) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Panama City with the mission to improve quality of education in the Republic of Panama. FGLG pursues its mission by implementing initiatives that promote and guarantee access to quality education in the national territory. The 21st Century Classroom Project is, without a doubt, one of the foundation’s most successful initiatives. It seeks to equip public schools with computer labs (a.k.a.  21st Century Classrooms) to strengthen the learning process.  All labs have computers, scanners, printers, digital projectors, digital cameras, headphones, microphones, televisions, DVD players, and Internet access.

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The organization also provides technical support and updates the computers’ software annually as a result of a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Thus far, sixteen 21st Century Classrooms have been built. The organization expects to promote teamwork, fortify research strategies and enable Panama’s youth to become change makers with the support of technology. Teachers receive constant training on how to 1. Utilize the resources available in the computer labs and 2. Integrate technology in their academic programs.

At first glance, FGLG’s 21st Century Classroom Project seems mundane and unsustainable. It reminds us of many top-down ICT initiatives that have failed miserably. However, constant technical support and training set The 21st Century Classroom Project apart from failed ICT intervention in education.


For more information about the Foundation Gabriel Lewis Galindo and its initiatives, please visit

* The author of this blog is a proud recipient of the Gabriel Lewis Galindo Endowed Scholarship.



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