Intersexions — HIV Education Through a “Soap Opera”


Intersexions is a TV show from South Africa that deals with HIV. It looks at how the HIV virus affects people’s lives, either by contracting the virus or how their relationships are affected by it. The show is shown in the local language and also has English subtitles in order to allow to it. Intersexions is produced by Curious Pictures in partnership with USAID and Johns Hopkins Education South Africa.

In order to see the effect that Intersexions has had on the people of South Africa, a survey was conducted in 2012. In response to this survey, it was concluded that nine million South Africans watched Intersexions. The survey also found that Intersexions decreased positive attitudes towards having more than one partner, increased attitudes towards condom use, and increased discussion about HIV testing.

Intersexions is an example of a very positive health intervention. It is shown in the local language with English subtitles because of the diverse culture of South Africa. It also doesn’t feel like the producers are lecturing. Instead, information about HIV is included into a story that is engaging and keeps watchers entertained. While creating similar TV shows may be expensive, it is no denying that there have been positive results in South Africa. More countries should jump on the bandwagon (with South Africa, Gambia, etc) and create these interesting shows that teach about tough subjects!


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