Malawi National Bank Introduces New Communications Platform

Malawi’s National Bank, the largest bank by assets in the country has recently revealed its plan to use newly integrated communications technologies to urge consumers to begin to use debit cards when paying for goods. The use of debit cards or “plastic money” was initiated in 2006, but they have yet to really catch on among Malawi’s citizens. The bank believes that the way the current financial culture is going debit cards are the future of economic transactions, and is advising that Malawians “keep up with the changing times.”

These new communications technologies will be used to facilitate the back and forth between the bank and its patrons.  The bank wishes to use these improved technologies to aid costumers and its various stakeholders with a wider range of services which it hails as user friendly. The first step in this plan, which has already taken place, was the redesigning of the bank’s website. Along with embedding various social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, the new website makes use of real online banking and mobile banking services.

“This will help our customers save time and money, and find banking with us easy,” said the bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Wilkins Mijiga. He also outlined that the new [communications] platform would not only see the bank creating sustainable value and wealth for its stakeholders but it will also bring the bank closer to them.

The bank envisions Malawi as a paperless transaction country, and aims to achieve this goal going forward.

Link to the Malawi National Bank Website: Here


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