e-Health International

e-Health International

In it’s own words e-Health International is an “innovative project that aims to significantly improve the health of individuals across the world in areas poorly served for health care.” e-Health International is trying to create an efficient web based platform that can facilitate access to education and telemedicine services to a myriad of health care providers, professionals, teachers and the public in general. The website is accessible from any web enabled device, but is intended to be especially helpful for users accessing the web from a mobile device/internet capable cell phone.

e-Health International has four main components:

  1. A community Portal providing a single online access point
  2. A e-Learning platform for awareness, education and training
  3. A geo-Health service using geographic information system technologies to improve monitoring and surveillance
  4. A telemedicine service including remote diagnostic and consultative tools

e-Health International recognizes the increasing global trend of m-Health, the use of mobile technologies to convey healthcare solutions (especially in the developing world). Their response to this trend is to combine these new technologies in e-Health, health education, geo-Health tools, and social networking to “promote health and develop solutions to tough health problems worldwide.

e-Health International is a really exciting concept to me. By acting as a facilitating hub for these developing technologies, they can provide cutting edge health services to anyone with a web capable cellphone around the world.

Link to the website: Here


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