“Harnessing the Power of the Crowd”

This article from The Guardian begins by referencing a topic we have previously discussed in ICT4D: the use of social media in disaster response. Rather than praising the quick-information system, the author criticizes it for the expected overflow of inherently useless information.Thus, researches have come up with a system of Micromapping to help coordinate mapping and social media efforts in response to disasters. Developed in Qatar, and exactly one month ago the U.N. called on them to test the program on the earthquake in Pakistan.They initially got the idea after crisis mapping Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Mappers used videos and pictures tweeted to compile their mapping information and accurately assess the damages.This article was great at showing the intertwined benefits and capabilities of using multiple ICTs. In particular, it uses the ability to map as a major factor in disaster response, that, combined with social media, is growing in importna.ce



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