Breaking Down Concept Mapping

In this publication a full coverage of concept mapping for ICT4D. It includes some very in depth definitions of ICT content-mapping and explanations of the various perspectives that go into the mapping process. Both local and global efforts can contribute to the mapping process thus offering many perspectives on the infrastructure of a particular area or nation. The authors refer to the ease of access to content mapping as one of the major reasons that content mapping is “proactive, expanding and transformative” in the world of ICT4D ( Content mapping encourages creativity, through the expression of thought, and thus shows new ways to think of opportunities for development.

However, the basis of this is a study into the efficacy of content mapping. Within a certain lens, “The goal of this study is to establish whether teaching interventions using ICT-based concept mapping techniques enhances creativity and impacts on writing achievement in 10–11 year old children in their school setting”. The study looked at concept mapping over 9 months with concept mapping done once a week. In conclusion, the study showed that content mapping greatly helped the students with their non-verbal skills.


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