Profile: Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is an Indian political activist who has focused on environmental sustainability and human rights in her development career. She became famous for her book The God of Small Things, but became known more for her involvement in anti-neocolonial development, as well as pro-environmental sustainability and human rights. Roy has acted as an important advocate of development, particularly of India and Kashmir, outside of the pre-established Western pattern of development, namely at the expense of less developed economic nations. Arundhati as engaged in activism including public demonstrations against corrupt and pro-neoliberal governments in India. As far as her role in environmental sustainability goes, she worked on the Sardar Sarovar dam project, protesting the dam in the name of environmental sustainability, claiming this would end up being a backwards step for India’s development.
I chose Arundhati Roy because I identify with her mission and with her approach. I want to work to promote women’s rights in Islamist nations and Roy was also known for her ardent feminism. I want to do the same work with human rights that she has done as well as in the same way. I want to use political activism and political paradigms to affect change in International development. Also, I want to work to shatter the neocolonial paradigm that Roy herself condemns. I chose Roy for our ideological and methodological similarities. I found inspiration from her story.



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