Spring 2014 Student Contributors & Introductions

Welcome to all students from the Spring 2014 IDEV 4100: ICT4D class!

Please post a comment to this post and introduce yourselves – this entry will serve as a record of this semester’s blog contributors and help us kick off the posts for this semester! Include the following:

  • Your name, year in school, major(s)/minor(s)
  • Where you’re from and anything interesting/personal you’d like to share, such as international experience (travel/leisure or professional/academic).
  • What you expect from this class and/or your interest in or level of comfort with technology (it’s ok to NOT be a tech-savvy person)!
  • OPTIONAL: Link(s) to your Twitter account, LinkedIn page, or other professional/academic site/account/page that you would want to share with fellow students and the ICT4D community. Keep in mind all of this info is PUBLIC, so only share what you’re comfortable with.

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About jessports

PhD candidate at Tulane University, studying ICT4D, M4D, and applications of technology in disasters and humanitarian aid. Proud member of the American Red Cross for 14+ years, focusing on international humanitarian law, disaster services technology, young professional engagement, and disaster volunteer training. Nerdy New Orleans cosplayer, lover of all things sci-fi, including Star Trek & Doctor Who. View all posts by jessports

39 responses to “Spring 2014 Student Contributors & Introductions

  • areed2014

    Hi all, my name is Anna Reed and I am a fourth year student majoring in Sociology with minors in International Development and Gender and Sexuality Studies. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. My junior year I studied abroad in Ghana and it was truly a great experience. I am particularly interested in non-profits and how they are managed, operate, and advocate for different groups of people. I am also interested in women’s right, food access, and the environment. In my free time I love to practice yoga, cook, be outside. While I am not too tech-savvy, I am interested to explore the ways that technology can shape and influence (for good or bad) the lives of those living in developing countries. I am also interested to see how developing countries can take on and “own” technology outside of a western perspective. From a sociological perspective, I am curious to deconstruct how technology and technical knowledge can be an arm of power and oppression for different bodies in development.

  • briannasteinmetz

    Hi! My name is Brianna Steinmetz and I am a junior majoring in environmental science and international development. I am from Oakland, New Jersey and have just returned from studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand for the fall semester. I was a competitive gymnast my entire life and now cheerlead for Tulane. While I am not terrible at using technology, I also wouldn’t consider myself tech savvy so I hope that this class will teach me how to utilize technology to benefit different development programs. I am very interested in learning how to encourage worldwide development along with environmental responsibility and the benefits new technologies can have on this development. Also, I hope to gain an understanding of how new technologies are not only affecting development programs, but also the people living in these underdeveloped nations. Technology cannot possibly benefit every development initiative; therefore, I also want to know why technology has benefitted some developmental programs, while it hinders others.

  • veggiemunster

    Rachel Fried here! Graduating this Spring in Public Health and a minor in IDEV. Only developing country I’ve visited is India, a month long sweet sixteen trip, volunteered building a school for monks in Ladakh (northern India) and some trash pickup, hiked the Himalayas, and did some sightseeing. I took a GIS class and it told me that I am a “medium” on the tech savvy range (not meaning I talk to the ghosts of computers, but that I am in the middle range of being a computer nerd). I work with Bayou Rebirth (www.bayourebirth.org — check me out on the staff page) and I’m a proud member of Delta Xi Nu (http://www.freewebs.com/beta_honeys/).
    Check out my profile and connect with me on LinkedIn here (http://lnkd.in/2WGFUN).

  • mjurczuk

    Hi, I’m Magda Jurczuk and I am from the suburbs of Chicago. I am a sophomore majoring in Public Health, minoring in IDEV and taking pre-med courses. I am primarily interested in maternal and child health in the developing world. I have been to Italy and Poland but unfortunately have not had the chance to travel to any underdeveloped countries thus far. I am hoping to study abroad in either Chile or Argentina next Spring. I don’t consider myself particularly “tech savvy,” so in this course I hope to learn more about how to both use new programs and how they can play a role in furthering international development.

  • Kate Mahoney

    My name is Kate Mahoney. I am from the central coast of California, where I was raised on an organic urban farm. Farming has always bee a part of my life, so I am very interested in food and food as medicine in the developing world. I love to travel and have visited many developed as swell as undeveloped countries.Technology has become such a big part of our lives so i think it is important to be able to use it in encouraging development.

  • Jillian Waller

    Hi, I’m Jillian Waller and I am from Long Island, NY. I’m a sophomore majoring in public health with a coordinate major in IDEV. My primary focus right now is on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and its prevalence in developing nations of Sub Saharan Africa. I’m currently managing Tulane’s chapter of FACE AIDS and plan to implement a new project regarding HIV treatment in Tanzania after graduation. I wouldn’t consider myself very “tech savvy” so I think this class will be a good way for me to learn more about the importance of technology in development and how to implement it in my own projects.

    • veggiemunster

      Hey Jillian! I hadn’t seen FACE AIDS on campus, so I just good searched it. What have you done through FACE AIDS at Tulane? Is there a way that other students can get involved besides donating? 🙂

  • dthunell

    Hi, I am Daniel Thunell and am a senior majoring in History and International Development. I am from Columbia, South Carolina and after I graduate in May, I will be moving to Los Angeles. I have never been to the developing world, only travelled to Europe, but I am very intrigued by the differing politics, societies and cultures in Africa. I am not trained in any technology field but I feel like I am pretty tech savvy and can figure out most issues that come up. I have no idea what to expect from this class so let’s get the ball rolling. Also, I enjoy Moscow Mules and fish tacos.

  • Brianna Reddeman

    Hi, my name is Brianna Reddeman. I’m a senior studying IDEV and French. I’m from Atlanta and I’ve studied abroad twice, in Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence, France, and spent last summer interning in China outside of Hong Kong. I’ve also spent a summer doing development projects at a primary school in rural Kenya. I’m really interested in education in the developing world and in other developed countries, so that’s been my biggest focus of research in my international development classes.
    I’m not very tech-savvy, so I think everything we do in this class will be very new to me but helpful when doing and sharing research in the future.

  • bridgetslattery

    Hi, I am Bridget Slattery. I am from Philadelphia and I’m a sophomore majoring in Public Health and International Development. I went to Honduras last spring on a medical service trip and this summer I am leading a trip to Ghana to build rainwater harvesters. Next year I plan to study abroad in Morocco.
    I am very interested in health promotions and how it connects to development. I wouldn’t consider myself extremely tech savvy but I’m exited to learn more about the potential uses of technology in the development field.

  • skagan2016

    Your name, year in school, major(s)/minor(s)
    Where you’re from and anything interesting/personal you’d like to share, such as international experience (travel/leisure or professional/academic).
    What you expect from this class and/or your interest in or level of comfort with technology (it’s ok to NOT be a tech-savvy person)!
    OPTIONAL: Link(s) to your Twitter account, LinkedIn page, or other professional/academic site/account/page that you would want to share with fellow students and the ICT4D community. Keep in mind all of this info is PUBLIC, so only share what you’re comfortable with.

    Hi, I’m Shana Kagan, and I am double majoring in public health and international development. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota and I love traveling and learning languages. I lived in Argentina for 6 months my junior year of high school and I am fluent in Spanish. I am pretty comfortable using basic technology, but I don’t know how to do any complex or super fancy things with my computer. I like learning cool new tricks to use on my phone or computer.

  • emcdona1

    Hi, I’m Lizzie McDonald. I’m a junior majoring in Marketing and minoring in International Development. I’m from Mobile, Alabama, which isn’t toooo far away from New Orleans. Last semester I studied in Dunedin, New Zealand along with Brianna Steinmetz. While I was there I had the opportunity to visit Thailand, and I can’t wait to travel and possibly work more in SE Asia. I have a basic level of knowledge about technology, and I’m eager to learn more about how I can use technology in my work abroad.

  • azeutziu

    My name is Alyssa Zeutzius and I am from Los Angeles, CA. I am a senior at Tulane majoring in Political Economy and double minoring in International Development and Political Science. Aside from the semester I spent studying abroad in Europe, I have not traveled much outside of the United States. In the fall of 2012 I studied economics and politics at the University College of Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. I had several opportunities to travel around Europe and really enjoyed learning about EU politics and economics. I hope to travel to South America after college and experience life in a developing country while putting to use all the knowledge I’ve gained from studying IDEV.

  • Thomas J O'Brien

    My name is Thomas O’Brien. I am a junior from Lancaster, PA majoring in Political Economy and International Development and minoring in Spanish. I studied abroad last semester in Granada, Spain and had the opportunity to travel around Europe and to Morocco. I have also travelled to Honduras for public health service trips. I’m excited to learn about technology and its role in development. I have some technological knowledge, especially when it comes to social media, but I am excited to expand that knowledge.

  • meredith8754

    I’m Meredith Burton. I’m a senior Political Economy major completing the international perspectives track. I’m also minoring in International Development. I was born and raised in Metairie, LA. I have unfortunately never traveled to a developing country, but hope to do so after college. I consider myself to be somewhat tech-savvy, especially concerning social media but have no experience with technology relating to developing countries. As far as IDEV in general, I’m particularly interested in education and micro finance.

  • rgoode2

    I’m Robin Goode and I’m so un tech-savy it took me a full 5 minutes to realize that I had to scroll all the way through the comments to leave a new one. I’m “from” California, but I grew up in the Middle East and outside of Philly, so PA is my home for now. I’m a 4th year Latin American Studies/IDEV major with a Portuguese minor. I’ve lived in a few countries, but most recently spent last year in Brazil and had a near death experience (ok thats an exaggeration but in my mind it was near-death) while in the middle of the Amazon. So I have a newfound appreciation for indigenous medicine and want to learn more about how technology can drastically improve quality of life and healthcare in rural developing areas.

  • jgallag2

    My name is Julia Gallagher and I am a sophomore majoring in IDEV and Spanish. I’m from right outside of Philadelphia. I chose to major in Spanish along with IDEV because the culture of spanish speaking places intrigues me and I enjoy discussing topics related to the spanish speaking world. My travel experience reflects that as I have vacationed in Spain with my family as well as traveled to Honduras for a mission trip with the Tulane Catholic Center. Also, I plan to study abroad in Lima, Peru next fall! I hope to generate a better appreciation for the positive uses of technology from this class because I am usually a very negative person toward technology. In the world we live in I think people have become far too wrapped up in technology and I worry about its effect on our personal interactions with each other and learning process. However, I recognize the immense advancements and am interested to know its affect on the developing world.

  • maddielrudow

    My name is Madeline Rudow, I go by Maddie. I’m a senior majoring in International Development and Communications. I’m from Center City in Philadelphia. After taking an intro course for IDEV my sophomore year I became immediately fascinated and interested in the subject. After spending a month working at a slum school in Bali I knew I had really found something that I was passionate about. I really enjoy working with children and through my studies at Tulane and findings in Indonesia,I have discovered that children are among the most vulnerable populations in the developing world. I hope to work in Indonesia someday, offering my knowledge, ideas and passion to help positively effect the lives of the communities there.
    I would say that I am a tech-savvy person, however in this ever-changing technology-driven society there is always something new to learn. In this class. I hope to develop skills in this class that I can showcase in whatever position I am in, helping move forward social movements in the process. In addition, I hope to discover new ways of connecting to NGO’s and aid organizations to find volunteer and/or job opportunities for myself upon graduation.

  • vceaser

    Hi! My name is Valerie Ceaser and I’m a sophomore. I’m currently majoring in Spanish and International Development with a minor in Public Health. I’m from Chicago but have always loved traveling and exploring, which is one of the main reasons I was so attracted to International Development. I’ve traveled to Spain, Portugal, and Israel; but have yet to travel to a developing nation. I intend on studying abroad next semester in Buenos Aires, however. As a career goes, I would love to work in the foreign service anywhere in Latin America or possibly work with NGO’s in the region. I would consider myself quite technologically stunted and am a but nervous for this course, but acknowledge how important these skills we will learn really are.

  • hrenda

    Hi! I’m Haley Renda. I’m a senior majoring in economics and international development. I’m from Boston, but I don’t think I’ll ever move back. I plan on staying in New Orleans for at least another year after graduation, and then, hopefully, embarking on a 1-2 year adventure around the globe. I’ve participated in service trips to China and Guatemala, and I studied abroad in Ghana in the fall of my junior year. It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience, and I hope to return at some point. I am primarily interested in women’s rights and the fight against human trafficking. I’m not exceptionally tech-savvy, but I’m hoping that through this course, I’ll gain valuable technological experience and computer skills. I’m interested to learn how technology and basic computer skills can improve lives in the developing world.

  • jnicolo

    Hi guys!
    My name is Jonas Nicoloff and I am a senior from Portland, Maine majoring in Economics and International Development. I have spent over two years in China and speak the language with proficiency and have both studied, worked, and traveled extensively through both China and other parts of Asia. Most recently, in the Summer of ’13, I interned at an internet startup company in Kuala Lumpur and lived in Vietnam for a short time after that. I think there is a lot of business opportunities that incorporate both ICT and sustainable development practices in the developing world. This is what really interests me about this class, and I am ready to learn more about the subject and its growing importance around the world.

  • anaseree

    My name is Alex Naseree and am from Greenville, South Carolina. I am a senior Political Economy major- International Perspectives track- with minors in IDev and Business. I had the opportunity to study/travel to Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing, China for two weeks during the summer after graduating from high school. I am really interested in the social, political, and economic aspects of development- especially in Asia and the Middle East. I took the Social Media class offered by the Business school last spring, so I am decently “tech-savvy” and am looking forward to applying my learning and knowledge to development this semester and in the future!

  • caroline

    My name is Caroline Van Dyke and I’m from Newport Beach, California. I’m a senior Political Science major with an International Development minor. I studied abroad last year in Prague and traveled around Eastern Europe which was really interesting getting to see the history of the Eastern Bloc/communist aftermath. I have basic knowledge of technology and have a little experience with blogs. Definitely interested in learning more about the impact of technology in the developing world and the future impact on markets and societies as more countries get exposure.

  • sydlicht

    Hi, my name is Sydney Licht and I am from outside of Philadelphia! I am a junior majoring in Marketing and International Development. I really enjoy the cross-section of business and philanthropy, and had the amazing opportunity of working for a philanthropic consulting firm that specializes in International Development last summer! In addition to my internship experience, I am an active member of the Tulane community and serve as the Vice Chair of Marketing on the CACTUS executive board! I am relatively comfortable with technology, especially social media! I am hoping that this class introduces us to more forms of technology, as I am particularly interested in GIS mapping projects. Please connect with me on LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/wA-_4n

  • chesneyhardin

    Hey, I’m Chesney Hardin from Nashville, TN. I’m a Junior studying Math and International Development. Since coming to New Orleans, I have become very interested in our food system. My freshman year, I got involved with Hope Gardens, a student urban gardening club, which has exposed me to many of the food justice issues in New Orleans. Sustainable farming has become really important to me and I hope to pursue it more after I graduate. Adding to that, I love to spend time outdoors, cooking, practicing yoga, and seeing live music. I’m not tech-savvy and I’m not the biggest fan of the overwhelming presence of technology in our everyday lives. However, technology can be an amazing tool and I’m interested to see how it is being used in developing countries.

  • bstanga

    Hey y’all, I’m Bridget Stanga and I’ve been living in the New Orleans area since 2009. I’m a junior studying International Relations and International Development here at Tulane and I hope this class will help me learn some tricks and shortcuts to use technology to its greatest extent possible. I think that some of the biggest problems plaguing the idev and NGO fields are overlaps, redundancies, and administrative complexities. Technology connectedness, and smart management can help NGO and those work in the development field focus on what they are really trying to do, improve our lives and those of others.

  • Daniel Cooper

    Hello! I’m Daniel Cooper and I am a Junior majoring in Political Science and International Development with a minor in Urban Studies. I am from Rockville, Maryland which is 20 minuets outside of Washington DC. I spent last semester studying abroad in London and traveling throughout Europe. I have little prior knowledge of technology as it pertains to International Development, but I am extremely interested in the intersection between International Development and cities. I am very excited to learn more about technology usage in the developing world and how it relates to my specific interests.

  • Sam Chasse

    Hi my name is Sam Chasse and I’m a senior in the school of Liberal Arts majoring in Economics with a minor in International Development and Urban Studies. I originally grew up in a rural town in Northern Maine on the Canadian border before attending Tulane. Regarding my travel experience in the developing world, I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout Greece, Turkey, and Haiti through various travel programs in my high school. I also spent a semester studying abroad in Sydney, Australia where I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks traveling in Singapore and Thailand. I developed a particular interest and decided to minor in International Development following my travel experience in Southeast Asia. Following graduation I will be moving to San Francisco to work for a business research and consulting firm. In this class I hope to broaden my knowledge of all forms of technology and how specific technology can be used to confront global development issues. I also hope this knowledge will be helpful to my future career, but also will help broaden my particular interest in the developing world. I feel relatively comfortable with my current knowledge of technology but hope to gain a greater proficiency following the course.

  • sgarofol

    Hi my name is Steph Garofoli and I am a junior majoring in Business Management with a minor in International Development. I am from Darien, Connecticut, a New York City suburb. I became interested in International Development through my traveling experiences in Asia and Central/South America. In high school, I traveled to India and Cambodia with World Vision, a worldwide GNO. I learned a lot about Micro Finance and education in developing countries. I do not have a lot of experience with technology and its influence in developing counties. I am very interested to learn more about how technology will change countries as they are exposed.

  • cmahoney2014

    hi, My name is Kate Mahoney. I am from the central coast of California, where I was raised on an organic urban farm. Farming has always bee a part of my life, so I am very interested in food and food as medicine in the developing world. I love to travel and have visited many developed as swell as undeveloped countries.Technology has become such a big part of our lives so i think it is important to be able to use it in encouraging development.

  • abernst2

    Hey there! I am Ariel Bernstein and am currently a sophomore here at Tulane. I am an IDEV and Latin American Studies major with a minor in Dance. I came into college knowing that I wanted to studying International Development, but I fell in love Latin America during my first semester. I tend to focus on Central American and Northern South America, essentially anywhere with a mestizaje presence and culture. I am particularly interested in social issue, especially race, and how development can have an impact on such issues. I am planning ot study abroad in Ecuador next semester to acquire more of a hands on experience in the region itself.

  • Kayla Bruce

    Hi all! My name is Kayla Bruce and I am from Massachusetts. I am a sophomore studying International Development and Public Health. I’ve been lucky to travel a fair amount, but my real international “experience” has mainly been in Uganda and the Dominican Republic. This summer, I assisted two doctors in a training workshop in a rural hospital in Uganda, which was really great first hand experience for me. I also worked in an elementary school in Uganda when I was in high school. I volunteered for Amigos de las Americas in the Dominican Republic for 2 months in 2011. There I worked on a small scale development project started in cooperation with community members, which I thought was great because Amigos really valued community leadership. I’m looking forward to this course because I don’t have a lot of experience with technology and how it relates to international development. Technology is a key part in any sector of development, so I think this course will be incredibly useful and informative. I’m a bit nervous that I’m not a big “tech person” but I’m excited to figure it all out.

  • Kaela Lovejoy

    My name is Kaela Lovejoy and I am a junior majoring in International Development and African/African Diaspora Studies and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I just got back from a semester abroad in Ghana, where I had two internships that taught me the value of applying technology in the nonprofit sector of the developing world. I also spent two months in Northern India two summers ago collecting data on Tibetan and Ladakhi/Zanskari communities for an independent research project. My work attempted to detail women’s entrepreneurial activities in the villages I lived in as well as their self-autonomy in their societies as a whole. I am starting my thesis this year and am hoping to research women’s land rights and their role in biodiversity cultivation in West Africa- I haven’t really started yet, so I hope it works out!

    While in Ghana I came across some amazing NGOs devoted to developing technological infrastructure within the country. It is truly an emerging sector- everyone has a cell phone, radio broadcasts are immensely possible, and young Ghanians are all over social media accounts. I also noticed how critical the internet is in the formation of an efficient and transparent business environment, for simple things like email can make such a difference in the speed in which tasks are communicated and performed. I’m excited to delve into this sector of International Development, for I’ve seen how technology vital it is in bridging global inequalities. It will definitely be an informative semester and I can’t wait to gather new knowledge that I can apply in the field.

  • jboleky

    I’m Jackson Boleky and I’m an international development and economics major, from Chicago IL. I play hockey at Tulane and i haven’t ever left the country, which is something that needs to change. I would love to study abroad anywhere but hopefully Ghana. I would love to actually do something worthwhile with my life and make a difference. I have done a ton of volunteering and i just generally enjoy helping people. I am pretty good at computers and actually used to fix them, I’m also a huge fan of technology because its the only way we can lift everyone up from the current dismal state of most of the world. I’m certainly more entertaining than this post and i will beat anyone in a headbutting contest because my skull is wrapped in titanium. I’m excited for this class and i don’t apologize for being sarcastic i cant actually help it.

  • ctuck2014

    I’m Clare Tuck, a junior triple majoring in International Development, English, and Digital Media Production with a Psych minor. Its a lot. I’m from Connecticut, and have travelled through South America, China, and India over the course of high school and college. I’ve also spent a good deal of time in Mexico. While in India I had the privilege of seeing the Dalai Lama and working with Tibetan refugees- that trip solidified my interest in social work and development. My passions are travel and film, and if everything works out someday I’ll be making documentaries or working at an NGO. For now the dream is the Peace Corps. From this class I hope to gain a better knowledge of technology in general…I’m not tech savvy in the slightest, and it’s a real hole in my skill set. I believe that technology is the great equalizer, in that it provides everyone equal access to knowledge – thus, it is imperative that technology be integrated into the schema of developing nations.

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