Innovation Initiative: Digital Jobs Africa

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the United States job market existed in just two sectors, agriculture and industry. Much like other parts of the world, however, the United States began to exist as three sectors, the third being the tertiary sector. Also known as the service sector, the tertiary sector is made up of countless industries like financial services, telecommunications, information technology, and education, to name a few. By all accounts it seems as though the tertiary sector has taken over much of the world, with most economies being dominated by the service sector. Unfortunately, the economies and/or job markets of much of Africa still remain agriculturally and industrially based. The Rockefeller Foundation wants to change that through an investment in Digital Jobs Africa.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s nearly $100 million investment in Digital Jobs Africa will impact one million people in Africa through job training and skill-building for youth in the information communication technology (ICT) sector. Africa has the youngest population in the world today and the Rockefeller Foundation sees that as an opportunity. Digital Jobs Africa aims to bridge the gap between the supply of high potential job seekers who need technical skills and companies seeking talent to service their expanding business needs. Digital jobs such as data entry, service center support, online research and web design will provide youth with the skills that will make them resilient to a more dynamic labor market. Creating opportunities for African youth through this initiative could have a powerful multiplier effect. Not only will it improve the welfare of their households and catalyze job creation for their communities, but it will also advance parts of Africa into the age of the tertiary sector, allowing them to compete and contribute on a global scale.


2 responses to “Innovation Initiative: Digital Jobs Africa

  • dcooper6

    From what I can tell, this investment by the The Rockefeller Foundation is pretty unparalleled. I don’t know if many other major American foundations have made similar investments in the ICT future of Africa, but perhaps after taking the lead on the issue we will see more investments in digital jobs and infrastructure.

  • veggiemunster

    This sounds pretty groundbreaking, but at the same time, invasive. There are folks in the U.S. who need jobs, too. How is this aiding in development? Isn’t it better to teach people to fish rather than just hand it to them?

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