Tulane’s Got the Money

I wanted to write a post about the available resources that Tulane offers to undergraduates for research and travel grants.

There is always discussion about how important primary sources are versus secondary sources, especially when it comes to data collection. Trusting one or even two sources (no matter how large the organization) to have the most accurate information is naive. Although technology helps us connect all parts of the world, its also technology that we can hide behind. It has become easy to fake information and skew numbers. Beyond educational experiences in the classroom, though necessary, going to the country for which you are trying to work with is essential in this field. Tulane was one of the first private research universities in the south. I didn’t know what that meant, until I became an IDEV major and became aware of the incredible opportunities Tulane offers. Besides spending a semester abroad for course credits, Tulane also offers students with the chance to win money to create your own trip abroad. This is an amazing door for IDEV students to open when it comes to innovative ideas for development. I applied for one of the listed grants and though by sharing this information, I am increasing my own competition, I think its important for students to know about them.



3 responses to “Tulane’s Got the Money

  • rgoode2

    So true! I wish I had figured out how to navigate the grant system before my senior year! There is so much money out there to help fund research as well as conference attendance- especially for women! The NCI institute funds your travel and expenses if you are presenting at a conference and apply for a grant, but they also cover the costs a lot of the time even if you aren’t presenting but just want to attend. So if you hear about any cool development related conferences, be sure to apply for a grant! http://tulane.edu/newcomb/grants.cfm

  • skagan2016

    So many people aren’t aware of all of the amazing funding opportunities that Tulane has. I’m hoping to do research in Senegal this summer with the help of a grant from Tulane. It’s important to let people know of all of the opportunities that this school has to offer us!

  • veggiemunster

    There are a lot more. Why do you only list one?

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