Brazilian Start Up Brings Education to the User

Descomplica is a Brazillian start up that aims to bring education to students through computers and phones in a big way. Last year alone the company had three million students users and half a million students watch the live online lessons. In the latest series of raising funds the company received $5 million, which brings their total funding to $7 million.

The company’s co-founder Marco Fisbhen (@marco_fisbehn) says that the company is lessening the inequity in the education market because it is an alternative to the very high priced private tutoring market. The company is putting its library on SMS platform, which gives access to even more students. With internet penetration in Brazil rising from 9% in 2002 to almost 50% in 2012, some Brazilians are finding great ways to utilize the population’s new internet access.

Descomplica is showing the education is a market that can use new technologies in successful ways, and investor confidence implies that the technologies market in Brazil has a lot of potential.


One response to “Brazilian Start Up Brings Education to the User

  • rgoode2

    This is cool, I hadn’t heard of this start-up before! Brazil does have a booming technological market, but unfortunately inequality in Brazil makes start-ups like this not very successful. Even with the large numbers of students using the program, they are most likely upper middle class students, which doesn’t really help the inequality in education problem. In doing my research for the Country 2 paper I found out that only 6% of Brazilian public schools have “at least one computer”. That’s 94% of public schools without any computers at all, which is a huge problem and makes programs like this hard. Even if the internet is there, more computers need to be on the ground before web-based projects can really succeed. The SMS development is key though, because lower class Brazilians are much more likely to have access to a smartphone than to a computer.

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