Country ICT Industry Performance: Indonesia

The development of ICT in Indonesia includes  not only the telecommunications network but also the availability of internet facilities for the use of the Internet. This is a not the case with most countries, which have the capabilities to use technologies to provide widespread access, whereas Indonesia has separated islands that draw boundaries in average infrastructure. In general, it can be understood that the ICT development in Indonesia is less encouraging and significant compared to its surrounding countries including Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. There are two main objectives Indonesia must meet for ICT development, including the development of skilled human resources to produce the ICT products and the skilled citizens who will use it. These type of users include not just large and small businesses but also people who use the Internet for educational and even entertainment purposes. This type of education can be understood as ICT literacy, something which Indonesia is severely lacking. This could be and is in some areas being combated through the use of computer-assisted learning in the school systems. The problem however is that most of the school systems that have these resources are private, thus creating an even greater disparity to the differences in ICT levels among economic classes.

Looking at the statistics on the GDP for Indonesia, their percentage of GDP in the information communications technology sector as of 2012, according to information found on, says that out of the total population, 18% of people are active internet users. It seems as though the country is not including information about the amount of users who utilize Internet cafes as a source for Internet usage. For most of the population of Indonesia, they do not have in the infrastructure to adequately serve the amount of people that would or could use the Internet. The economic landscape of the country is one that requires more focus than is being afforded to the population. There are many problems that have been encountered in passing legislation to build the proper infrastructure to create more fiber optic lines and power lines. World Data indicators still show that Indonesia is far behind other countries.


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