Top 6 Technology Technology Challenges Facing Development

In this week’s class we discussed our personal experiences with technology in the education system and how it has evolved from when each of us began formal schooling to where we are at now.  This presented a good discussion about how technology has been implemented on many different levels across various areas around the United States.  Our experiences with technology in the United States is extremely different the approaches that have been taken to implement new forms of technology in the developing world.

The article below discusses the top 6 technology challenges that developing nations face and presents reasons for why the developing world has struggled to implement ICT successfully on many nations.

The article discusses that the obvious issues of power, access, bandwidth, cost, maintenance, and content are very obvious reasons that the developing world has lagged behind the developed, but the major six reasons that the author found to be most pervasive are: (1) ease of use (2) lack of focus on voice communication and less on SMS text messaging (3) data security (4) open interfaces (5) multi-modal data transfer and (6) price.  The article concluded by stating that optimism is the key to facing these challenges and that adaptation is necessary for developing nations to ever implement any new technology successfully.


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