About.me is best described as an all inclusive page about yourself. On about.me you can upload your resume, your business card, and connect it to pretty much any other social media website that you use. I would compare about.me to myspace for business professionals. This is because with about.me your home page is very visual. Unlike on facebook or linkedin, about.me has the ability to edit a background picture and control all of the different fonts, so that when people are viewing your page they are not only seeing the content that you are putting up, but they are also seeing all of the different visual aspects to make your page yours and visually appealing. About.me is used a lot by different freelance workers as a way to promote themselves and is used instead of making an entire website. On your about.me homepage you see different people popping up in a similar fashion to the facebook newsfeed. The picture of the person is the largest thing, taking up nearly the entire page, again emphasizing the visual aspect of the website. Underneath the picture you can see the person’s name and the beginning of their bio. When clicking on their page you can be connected to all of the social media websites that the person is connected to, along with a big background picture and fun fonts. Returning to the homepage, when looking at different people you can view their profile, compliment them, or add them to a collection. All in all about.me is essentially a mini website for business individuals looking for work or just to put themselves out there.


One response to “about.me

  • kbruce2016

    I didn’t really know much about about.me before reading this blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t know that its really a good thing that it is much more visual and has less of a focus on information that Linkedin on Facebook. Do you think that about.me could have any useful applications to development?

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