Ryze – Social Media for Professionals

Social media is extremely important for professionals in any aspect of business.  The social networking website, Ryze.com is a free and paid website designed for business professionals.  The site is focused towards new entrepreneurs who are looking to promote their business.  The website is widespread in the business world of entrepreneurs, but is still looking to gain more widespread exposure.  The site claims to have over 500,000 members in 200 countries.  It also states that over 1,000 external organizations use the website to network.  The website was founded in San Francisco in 2001 at the beginning of the new generation of social networking services.  The website is similar to LinkedIn in the sense that new businesses can gain exposure and network with other professionals, but has not seen as much popularity as its counterpart.

Here’s a YouTube video that explains Ryze and how to create an account and use the website:

From the research I’ve done about Ryze, it seems like a great idea to get entrepreneurs connected and network new and innovative ideas.  This could be potentially helpful in the developing world, especially with NGOs and businesses that are focused on development, but the organization must place a larger emphasis on marketing it’s product to be utilized by a greater degree of professionals.


3 responses to “Ryze – Social Media for Professionals

  • areed2014

    I think this is a really interesting use of social media connecting businesses for the benefit of improving products and marketing. I am interested to see if this platform can be a way to hash out problems with a product, business, or service in order to make it more effective. This could be particularly beneficial to social businesses and investments.

  • Jillian Waller

    Not only would this be a good place for NGOs and development-focused businesses to connect, but it would be a useful social media outlet in the developing world. We often see how many people in developing countries have next to nothing but have a facebook account. Just envision a world where that was true for LinkedIn or Ryze. Local farmers and artisans could connect and collaborate through social media and promote their businesses

  • jgallag2

    In concordance with my classmates I also just want to vouch that I am learning a lot about social entrepreneurs right now and have come to realize that many of their projects are essentially development projects. Therefore this tool can definitely be directly useful for development work. The network of social entrepreneurs is very connected to the network of development professionals. Both parties on this tool would expand and maximize resources and connections.

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